Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kent Security of Naples Repeatedly Sues Former Clients

Kent Security of Naples has a history of suing former clients, as can be seen below. We know one of the primary methods for the company to sue former clients is by claiming it has been damaged by their retaining of former company security officers in violation of contractual terms. While I'm no lawyer, it is my understanding that Florida enforces these agreements more than other states, such as California.

What I find odd is that the Kent Security business model appears to hinge on high turnover, as was my experience in Naples, given that the reported wages for Kent Security officers -- going by my experience and the experiences of others on review websites like Glassdoor -- are relatively low in the industry. The number of operations managers and road supervisors in Naples in the last few years is likely in the dozens. Yet, despite the company's encouragement of turnover, it turns around and claims to be damaged by former clients when they retain guards. In my humble view, this is a pretext to pad up the company's revenues, given how inconsistent these actions are. If the company had relatively little turnover in the industry and provided special training to the employees above the very basics in the industry, then it might have an ethical justification for suing former clients that retain guards, in my view. I realize, though, that legal technicalities and ethics are two separate things. Again, it seems many states are now in agreement with what I just wrote, so this is not a controversial position at all. A cursory review reveals that some states have made restrictive covenants in employment contracts unenforceable except in very limited occasions.

It just seems, the lower the pay of employees and the higher the turnover in an industry, restrictive covenants in employment should be looked at more skeptically, given that they impede competition in the market and individual freedom. Anyway, regardless of how one may feel about such employment restrictions, any company with a history of suing former clients is eventually going to hit a wall.

Here is evidence of Kent Security suing former clients in Naples. At least one of these is confirmed to be due to the former client allegedly retaining guards.

Kent Security Naples laughably sues former client.
Kent Security of Naples suing Kensington Park Master Association

Kent Security Naples ridiculously sues former clients.
Kent Security Naples v. South Seas Club

Kent Security Naples is litigious.
Kent Security Naples sued South Seas Club

Kent Security Naples bitterly sues former client.
Kent Security Naples sued Reflection Isles Master Association

Proof Kent Security Naples sues former clients.
Evidence showing Reflection was previous Kent Security Naples client

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