Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kent Security CEO Gil Neuman Sanctioned Twice by Courts

We discovered upon our investigation of Kent Security's litigious CEO Gil Neuman that he has been sanctioned not once, but twice by a court. This is yet another scandal that is sure to rock the Miami-based company, perhaps triggering a flurry of emails between the beta male CEO known for his chronic paper-shuffling and his attorneys. Presumably, the CEO thinks he's a real tough guy with his paper battle against us and others, since he was unwilling to face us directly. We know a beta when we see one. The Labor Board decision that went in our favor, forcing the CEO to sign notices to be posted at gatehouses in Naples, shows just how meek he actually is.

We take no stance on the squabble between Gil Neuman and Michael Weiss of Response Datacom, though we find it funny that the court ordered the CEO to submissively hand over $7K in attorney's fees to Mr. Weiss. Notably, the case was dismissed with prejudice. The proper jurisdiction of the dispute appears to be New York, and the defendant of this case is under the belief that the purpose of the lawsuit in Miami, described as "frivolous," was to jack up legal costs to force a settlement in New York. Again, we take no stand on these claims, though we watch with amusement.

This unflattering history of Kent Security's CEO raises a number of unanswered questions we will ponder on this blog in future posts. Will he attempt the same tricks with us? We are expecting it. Contrary to what he thinks, his moves are very predictable just by looking at his litigious history. Our read is that we are facing a very weak opponent.

Here is the latest sanction.

CEO Gil Neuman of Kent Security sanctioned by court again!
Kent Security and Gil Neuman sanctioned by court

Michael Weiss Embarrasses Gil Neuman in Miami.

Kent Security v. Response Datacom.

Lawsuit Against Response Datacom.

Neuman v. Weiss

Previously, Gil Neuman and Kent Security had been sanctioned after being sued by Leslie Langein, who represented them in the previous pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, and were forced to pay $700 as a result.

Gil Neuman, the CEO of Kent Security Miami, was sanctioned in court.

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