Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Kent Security Broward Negligence Lawsuit!

There is now a new Kent Security negligence lawsuit in Broward County. We take no stance on the merits of the complaint, though we are publishing it because it is clearly of public interest.

The plaintiff alleges she was riding her bike and exiting a Century Village in Deerfield Beach when a gate arm crashed down on her causing significant physical and mental injuries. Allegedly, Kent Security was in charge of security in the condominium subdivision. While we don't know the plaintiff and won't take sides in this dispute, we hope she makes a full recovery and wish her well. Safety for those who use bicycles should be a priority in the state.

Having looked at the complaint and the other documents on the case, it is my opinion that the plaintiff has a very skilled and aggressive attorney -- Kenneth Segal. He has an office in Coral Springs, FL, and has been an attorney for over 20 years. Like Alan Elkins, he is doing a noble job in Broward County by defending those who suffer personal injuries caused by other parties. Our society should absolutely recognize when attorneys defend the little guy and fight for justice, and do away with the callous lawyer jokes. People like Richard Celler, Alan Elkins, and Kenneth Segal deserve more credit than what is already given to them. They are among the heroes of our society.

Here is the complaint.

New Kent Security Broward lawsuit.

Kent Security Services sued again.

Kent Security negligence lawsuit scandal.

Broward attorney fights Kent Security.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Chomsky Sunday

Here is Noam Chomsky on the rise of Trump. While Tea Party Republicans are likely to be butt-hurt by his comments, he is correct about Trump's intellectual inconsistencies. Chomsky also expresses concern about the growing tensions between NATO and Russia. He is correct that this poses an existential threat to humanity, especially the nations along Russia's border.

I'd add that if there's one lesson the left can learn from its loss in this election, it is that political correctness is a dead end. Safe spaces at college campuses richly deserve ridicule. The nation's overwhelming rejection of sensitivity politics shows that it is a liability in the end. The left should go back to the drawing board and develop more intellectually rigorous and consistent positions. Frankly, it shouldn't be hard to defeat a group of people that rejects evolution and still believes marijuana is as dangerous as crack.

Where I differ from the alt-right is that I believe their views are becoming mainstream and commonplace, and that the time to criticize political correctness was 15 years ago when it was less fashionable and personally riskier. The alt-right, amorphous as it is, will probably end up with the same fate as the vapid ideology it seeks to crush. There is hardly any innovation in the mainstream.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Two Salespeople Sued Kent Security Services Miami

It was a mammoth task to compile the documents of these two lawsuits by salespeople who worked for Kent Security Services Inc., one of whom claimed to have been stiffed. We didn't see the details of the case from Texas, but the cases appear to be similar given that the two people suing held similar positions and sued within an 18 month span of time.

This is yet another scandal to rock the Miami-based company, and a clear picture of the company's modus operandi is starting to emerge. At first, the company may seem complicated, but the picture becomes clearer once you look at the company's history and find what all of these cases have in common. Everything is seemingly reduced to numbers, but it is our goal to humanize the workforce and become the monkey wrench that hobbles this amoral machine.

The company's behavior is disgusting. But you don't have to hear me say it: just pore through the documents. It is my belief that wealth can be attained without this type of conduct. Granted, the company may win a case on occasion, so I'm referring to the general tone of these lawsuits (all of those we have posted, as well as others). In my humble view, given all of these lawsuits, the company's awards should be stripped by all organizations in South Florida. This is a case study of a company utterly lacking social responsibility.

Here is the video of these scandalous lawsuits from 2013 and 2014.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Richard Celler v. Thomas Groendyke

As we've pointed out on this blog, Kent Security, represented by Thomas Groendyke, is now dealing with Broward County's best employment lawyer in the latest pregnancy discrimination scandal -- Richard Celler. Because I don't know the alleged victim, I can't say anything about the merits of the case, though I think most rational people would be disturbed by the allegations in the complaint. The allegations are clearly of public interest, which is why we have posted them.

Not surprisingly, Kent Security has filed a motion to move the case from the courtroom to arbitration, where generally the proceedings occur behind closed doors and out of the view of the public. In my humble view, regardless of the legal precedents supporting arbitration, a free market would force greater transparency on the process. In any case, as we've pointed out previously, arbitration is not the get out of jail free card that some employers believe it to be. Karma is a force that operates beyond the short-sighted machinations of corporate America.

If it were up to me, arbitration would be more open and transparent, with possibly livestreaming for the entire world to watch. In such a scenario, where the laws are not subverted in vain attempts at moral purity, perhaps in places such as Las Vegas, rooms could be set up at casinos for bookmakers to allow bets to be made on which party will prevail. Sure, fierce objections would be made, especially in the Bible Belt by unreconstructed Trumpets, but is this idea any more abhorrent than non-public proceedings that allow companies such as Wells Fargo to fraudulently open bank accounts in people's names for years?

Las Vegas at night.
Las Vegas

Again, I can't take a stand on this particular legal battle, but if this scenario of transparency were in place, I'd be tempted to back up the truck and go all-in with as much cash as I can grab for Celler in his battle against Kent Security, especially with its recent humiliating loss against a pro se party in Naples.

Nice tractor trailer.

Celler is a guy who won over $1 million in a jury trial -- a true test of skill -- against Kent Security, with the result that Kent Security appears paranoid about ever having to deal with a jury again. Kent Security is now being hounded by the National Labor Relations Board over its class-action waiver, which Frank Henry is now busy trying to defend. Kent Security got very lucky by the appeal that went in its favor in March 2014 against Celler. Regardless, Kent Security is now a sitting duck for all South Florida attorneys looking for a challenge, arbitration or not. At the end of the day, paper-shuffling, especially behind closed doors, is not a real fight. Toughness is not "fighting every case all the way," but rather treating employees with dignity and preventing, as much as possible, legal disputes from arising in the first place. A real man simply avoids this public relations nightmare.

Robots will replace lawyers.
Robots will replace lawyers

I suspect, possibly in my lifetime, lawyers will be replaced by artificially intelligent robots. In this scenario, corporations might produce proprietary software to argue their cases to a neutral government supercomputer. I can only imagine that a society this advanced would have evolved away from ubiquitous non-transparent arbitration proceedings, such as those favored by Kent Security and Wells Fargo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Frank Henry's Bizarre Messages

So Kent Security's lawyer Frank Henry left me bizarre messages this week. The messages were so bizarre that I don't even think a superintelligent alien species would be able to crack them. Needless to say, our side is too busy to play into these games. Literally, my attorney is too busy probably handling other cases, and I'm too busy trying to figure out how on earth a company, any company, can find itself sued repeatedly by pregnant women.

If it was an attempt to intimidate me, I must say the call and email made me laugh. Only a beta male would figure something like this would actually intimidate people, and project that mindset onto others. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that a company being sued by a formerly pregnant employee would think something so weak might intimidate someone.

Our opposition simply has not come to terms with the fact that we stand for the rights and dignity of employees. They are so fixated on making profits that they cannot process that some people believe and act on principle.

So you want my attention, Mr. Henry? OK. You got it. But you left my attorney and me very unimpressed, to say the least. It looks as if you guys are a little nervous, if you want my blunt take. Our side is 100% Sandernista -- we are the working class with nothing to lose but our chains. We demand that workers be treated with dignity and respect. It's that simple, even if you can't accept it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kent Security of Naples Broke the Law

We made another video to remind Kent Security employees of their National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) rights, given the chronic turnover in the company.

We also plan to disseminate a new batch of videos this holiday season. We've been very busy with more productive things, but we still feel this serves the public and provides some laughs. We intend on keeping all of our social media accounts updated with fresh content.

We've also personalized our YouTube channel to make it more attractive and user-friendly.

Our warning to our opposition is that every scenario has been wargamed. In fact, Groendyke's feeble final statement was one of the scenarios we thought possible during the NLRB's investigation, though we felt it would be a suboptimal path. Not surprisingly, the case was lost by Kent Security. Kent Security should have focused instead on the technicality of whether I was classified as a "supervisor" by statute -- what's done is done, however. Questioning the motives of a person is almost always a suboptimal route -- you don't even need to be a lawyer to figure that out. You might as well wear a hat with the word "idiot" emblazoned on it. Then again, the fact that I'm still here exercising my free speech is proof of the failure of the opposition.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mace Attack Lawsuit Correction

In the mace attack lawsuit against Kent Security Services Inc., there appears to be a dispute regarding the proper name of the defendant. The amendment by interlineation by the plaintiff's counsel appears to be an attempt to name the defendant as Kent Security Services Inc., whereas Kent Security appears to prefer Kent Security of Palm Beach Inc. for this specific case, based on an objection that has been filed.

Kent Security mace attack lawsuit objection.

We never claimed to be perfect, though admittedly the myriad names and subsidiaries used by Kent Security have drawn the attention of the Labor Board in their investigation of the company. As a matter of opinion, it seems odd that a company with about 1,500 employees, equivalent to the size of a high school, would need so many names.

On the surface, it looks as an attempt to obfuscate matters when under investigation or review. In any case, all of these names have served to bring more attention to this company. In the age of the internet, no company is safe trying to hide under many different names. From my own experience as a former road supervisor, it was well-known that this is a small company operating as "Kent Security." Then again, it's not up to me to decide the proper name of the defendant, nor is it particularly substantial in the grand scheme of things.

As an update, as noted on my other blog, it looks like Kent Security was offered a settlement proposal. It will be interesting if they accept.

Kent Security Palm Beach Afraid of Jury Trial

Not surprisingly, the defendant Kent Security of Palm Beach, represented by Thomas Groendyke, has filed a motion to compel the latest pregnancy discrimination case to arbitration. Kent Security has done this before in a Miami whistleblower case, and we wouldn't be shocked if this is attempted with us. I'll give a brief analysis of this as a layperson.

Richard Celler, who defeated Kent Security in front of a jury of peers in the Pat Hurley case (though the jury decision was overturned on an appeal in March 2014, like a hail Mary that occasionally works in football), is a vicious bobcat. Celler is representing the plaintiff. By contrast, Groendyke, from our experience, is a domesticated cat, albeit experienced.

What we see here is Kent Security trying to scratch its way out of the cage that allows for a jury trial while facing the bobcat and trying to take the dispute into an arena that limits potential liability. Kent Security is basically scared, though they would never admit to it. They are absolutely terrified of a repeat of the Hurley fiasco (with legal costs that reached a quarter of a million dollars). This is why they are in their predicament with the National Labor Relations Board, having to defend their mandatory arbitration provision that includes a class-action waiver. Amusingly, Kent Security has only drawn more attention to itself by pretending they are tough with their chronic paper-shuffling, like a tatted prole who pretends to be hard by listening to Avenged Sevenfold. 

While Kent Security may believe arbitration absolutely covers them, we have shown this is untrue. Many lawyers will still file a lawsuit, allowing the complaints to be seen by the public. Furthermore, as more companies try to compel arbitration, the cost of arbitrating is skyrocketing for companies -- we have spoken to lawyers who have broken this down for us. A discrimination case, especially a very complex one, can reach as high as $300,000 in cost in arbitration. Moreover, companies that attempt to undermine the legal channels of employees are also likely to meet a more ferocious response via social media. The bottom line: resistance against labor rights is futile. It's all a wash. 

Here are the new documents on the pregnancy discrimination case.

Kent Security motion to arbitrate dispute.

Kent Security wants arbitration.

Kent Security of Palm Beach wants to compel arbitration.

Richard Celler fights Kent Security again.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Bright Side

Florida now has effectively legalized medicinal marijuana. This is important because cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, and possibly has coevolved with humans for that specific purpose, given selective cultivation by humans. The next step is full-blown legalization, which more states have voted to support, so that we can end the imprisoning of millions of Americans for a victimless act and relieve the courts of their burdens.

Also, as I pointed out before, the Clintons have sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths can put on a good face for the public, yet still do plenty of damage behind the scenes. I tend to think where there's smoke there's fire, and with Wikileaks revealing what they have, it looks like the crimes of this family have been covered up for political reasons.

Another potential positive is that relations with Russia will warm up. This would be a good thing, since Russia is a nuclear power with the capability of destroying any nation on the planet if it so desires. There are no winners with nuclear war, contrary to what some politicians think. My guess is that Trump has serious backers in the Deep State who understand this. The fight for positioning in the Middle East will continue, but hopefully we will join forces with Russia to destroy ISIS. There is no point in toppling secular leaders in that part of the world -- this is a stupid neocon idea that simply will endanger everyone, including Israel.

Hopefully Trump will not trample on worker rights. His opposition to "free trade" could bode well for American workers, given that third-world wages drive down the wages in this country. We'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Most Fruitful Yuki v. Kent Security

It turns out there is a pregnant superhero with a cult following named Most Fruitful Yuki. We think she's tougher than her opposition.

This video is made purely for entertainment and simply aims to address worker rights. We do not suggest that Yuki actually exists or is in some interdimensional cosmic battle against a corporation.