Monday, October 10, 2016

Summons Issued to Gil Neuman of Kent Security

Gil Neuman, the CEO of Kent Security, has been issued a summons for the recent pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Kent Security of Palm Beach, given that he is the registered agent of the company. I have removed some information even though it is public record. Here is the summons:

I will say, given that I used to live not too far from Mr. Neuman, without trying to be unnecessarily mean and keeping the message straight, that the litigious record of Kent Security seems to be out of proportion to the size of the company, probably of no more than 1,500 employees, as well as his home. I might understand someone getting off on constantly fighting little guys through the courts if he lived on Star Island or had his own island or mansion somewhere, but this guy pretty much lives an upper-middle class life, somewhat simple, and apparently stuck in an office for much of the week, albeit with a high-sounding corporate title. When you strip away the surface, you see it's just not all that, and it would probably be best to try to avoid all of these petty lawsuits. It's unnecessary and, frankly, cowardly -- again, these are pregnant women. Not saying I take their side necessarily, but not everyone as CEO gets sued repeatedly by pregnant women. Granted, the Alexander family is a different story, and perhaps they live a truly upper-class lifestyle, but dude -- you're just a suburban guy boxed into a fairly predictable routine each day. You're not all that, man.

[Clarification: The CEO, by definition, must take ownership of these issues, hence the title.]

Aside from those random thoughts, I think it's important for people to be aware of companies that repeatedly attract these types of lawsuits. It's similar to the Fox News scandal -- if it's a one-off lawsuit, sure, but when they come repeatedly? In the case of Kent Security, it's not about one or two details, or even that stupid Wall of Shame, but rather a pattern of conduct that goes back for years. Socially, it is necessary for this type of behavior to be exposed for public scrutiny. Companies don't have to act like a bunch of angels, but they should try to make some effort to make society better. I think even most ardent capitalists would agree.

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