Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kent Security of Naples Hired White Supremacist Manager

We've been sitting on bombshell information, but decided, given that Kent Security is fighting with the Labor Board over its controversial class-action waiver, that we should release this right now.

In April 2015, Kent Security of Naples hired a White Supremacist operations manager to be in charge of over 100 employees of diverse backgrounds and races. As operations manager, he had the ability to hire, fire, and interview employees. I have the screenshots of his racist postings, some of which were deleted by him but I managed to capture them before they were deleted. He no longer works for Kent Security, but he managed the Naples district for nine months, according to his Linkedin profile below.

Here are the photos as evidence:

Kent Security manager supports white power.

Here is a close-up of the "White Power" logo:

Kent Security manager white power logo.

Here is one of the photos that disturbed the local NAACP as well as the Labor Board investigator of our case:

Kent Security manager calls Blacks monkeys.

Here the former Kent Security of Naples manager refers to Blacks as "monkeys":

Racist Kent Security of Naples manager.

Here is a close-up of that slur comparing African Americans to animals: 

Kent Security of Naples manager gives racial slur on Facebook.

Here the same former Kent Security of Naples operations manager launches an attack against Middle Easterners:

Kent Security of Naples racist Ops Manager.

Here is another close-up of the slur, once against comparing or associating people of a particular racial or ethnic group with animals:

Another Kent Security Naples manager racial slur.

Here is an attack on Muslim Americans:

Kent Security Naples Bias Against Muslims.

Here is the bizarre interpretation of victimhood from the same operations manager who unfairly replaced a female who actually tried to promote minorities:

Kent Security Naples White Supremacy.

Here is more proof this guy was hired by Kent Security of Naples:

Kent Security Naples racist operations manager.

Here is a close-up from his Linkedin: 

Kent Security race problem.

Needless to say, Kent Security was already accused of mistreating employees before this fool was hired. Kent Security already had been on the news over unsavory conduct at the Kensington Golf and Country Club in the same district. While this idiot was posting this garbage publicly, Kent Security's lawyer was claiming that Kent Security does not practice discriminatory behavior. During the time that this operations manager was unleashing his hate on Facebook, minorities were aware of it but were afraid to report it for fear of retaliation.

The world will know exactly what has been going on at Kent Security of Naples. 

Please spread this post to everyone you know. Let's hold companies accountable for hiring the right people as managers and properly supervising them.

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