Friday, October 28, 2016

An Anecdote

Today I called up a good friend I used to supervise at Kent Security of Naples and explained that there is a copycat effect due to my online and real-world labor activism -- contrary to what Groendyke feebly claimed in his final statement, this is activism and evidently people are taking action -- and he told me at the new security company he's working for he met a Black dude who also worked for Kent Security and knows me, and the discussion provoked laughter -- the word "Kent" alone made the former employee laugh.

Kent Security of Naples is now known as a big joke in this part of Florida. I'm very happy that I have made people laugh, and I'm especially thrilled at the support I have gotten from African-Americans. I love it and I have their backs. I also have the backs of the Tea Party types in this part of Florida, even if they have allowed themselves to fall for the propaganda of Fox News that asserts companies like Kent Security don't need regulations to behave themselves: what this blog points out is that absent an external force, the market alone does not persuade companies to behave ethically. This is common sense.

By universal standards, Kent Security is a law-breaker. It's self-evident in the laughter provoked by people who may or may not fully understand the subtleties of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). It's truth that we all know -- truth that is obvious.

New Miami Labor Charge Against Kent Security

A new charge has been filed against Kent Security of Miami through the Labor Board. I was semi-retired from this operation, letting it go on auto-pilot in the search engines, but the social good requires me to update this blog now and then. I'm not doing this for me or to get off on bashing this company with so many legal scandals, though it has served the purpose of bringing laughs this past summer (and the laughs literally started during my communications with the Miami New Times), but rather so people are informed of their rights in the workplace.

Here is the new charge:

Kent Security Miami accused of labor violation.

This also illustrates that people are listening to us and we are having an effect. Our online activism is working. We are winning.

But again, it's not like we are facing Putin or the KGB -- this is a sloppy, pathetic organization with a history of fighting pregnant women, despite its military pretensions. It's time for bigger challenges in life. Beating Kent Security legally is like beating the first level of Super Mario Bros. as a kid. 

We'll provide updates now and then, including on the legal action we will be taking against the company. The legal action we will be taking will be purely for the social good, as money is not nor ever will be our primary concern. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Video of White Supremacist Kent Security Hired

Here is a video of the White Supremacist Kent Security of Naples hired to manage over 100 people over a nine month period.

Please share this video with everyone you know.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kent Security of Naples Hired White Supremacist Manager

We've been sitting on bombshell information, but decided, given that Kent Security is fighting with the Labor Board over its controversial class-action waiver, that we should release this right now.

In April 2015, Kent Security of Naples hired a White Supremacist operations manager to be in charge of over 100 employees of diverse backgrounds and races. As operations manager, he had the ability to hire, fire, and interview employees. I have the screenshots of his racist postings, some of which were deleted by him but I managed to capture them before they were deleted. He no longer works for Kent Security, but he managed the Naples district for nine months, according to his Linkedin profile below.

Here are the photos as evidence:

Kent Security manager supports white power.

Here is a close-up of the "White Power" logo:

Kent Security manager white power logo.

Here is one of the photos that disturbed the local NAACP as well as the Labor Board investigator of our case:

Kent Security manager calls Blacks monkeys.

Here the former Kent Security of Naples manager refers to Blacks as "monkeys":

Racist Kent Security of Naples manager.

Here is a close-up of that slur comparing African Americans to animals: 

Kent Security of Naples manager gives racial slur on Facebook.

Here the same former Kent Security of Naples operations manager launches an attack against Middle Easterners:

Kent Security of Naples racist Ops Manager.

Here is another close-up of the slur, once against comparing or associating people of a particular racial or ethnic group with animals:

Another Kent Security Naples manager racial slur.

Here is an attack on Muslim Americans:

Kent Security Naples Bias Against Muslims.

Here is the bizarre interpretation of victimhood from the same operations manager who unfairly replaced a female who actually tried to promote minorities:

Kent Security Naples White Supremacy.

Here is more proof this guy was hired by Kent Security of Naples:

Kent Security Naples racist operations manager.

Here is a close-up from his Linkedin: 

Kent Security race problem.

Needless to say, Kent Security was already accused of mistreating employees before this fool was hired. Kent Security already had been on the news over unsavory conduct at the Kensington Golf and Country Club in the same district. While this idiot was posting this garbage publicly, Kent Security's lawyer was claiming that Kent Security does not practice discriminatory behavior. During the time that this operations manager was unleashing his hate on Facebook, minorities were aware of it but were afraid to report it for fear of retaliation.

The world will know exactly what has been going on at Kent Security of Naples. 

Please spread this post to everyone you know. Let's hold companies accountable for hiring the right people as managers and properly supervising them.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Video of New Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

I made a video with the complaint regarding the new pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, which I posted on my Wordpress blog but felt I should put it here as well for amusement. As I said before, any man who repeatedly gets sued by pregnant women automatically loses his man card -- there's no debate, no ifs, ands, or buts. If you have a track record of getting sued by pregnant women, all women should know about it, and they should openly talk about it. When they walk by you, it should be on their minds.

Here is the video.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Message to Lawyer Thomas Groendyke

I just got the FOIA request from the Labor Board and read your inane statement on behalf of Kent Security dated August 2015. You made comments about me that were outright false, and you jumped to conclusions without ever having met me (like some of those you defended). I don't mind criticism, but I take issue with your assertion that I lack good "instinct." I want to clarify something about that.

What does it say about a supposedly seasoned lawyer being forced into a settlement with a pro se complainant lacking good "instinct?" What does it say about you, supposedly a seasoned lawyer, leaving the other side wide open for further legal action?

What does it say about a pro se complainant that has forced the opposition, months later, to draft 20 pages of gibberish to avoid a trial with a federal agency? Possibly the first of a sequence, assuming the Labor Board is not overruled with the motion to dismiss by the lawyer who replaced you.

It says, using your own premises, that you are a joke.

The lawyers I have spoken to have gotten laughs out of your failure to stop a pro se plaintiff, who you claim to lack instinct. How often does that happen in the legal profession? Consider yourself in that category. Honestly, if I ever saw you in a courtroom, I might actually burst out in laughter.

If I were the CEO or owner of Kent Security -- irrespective of merits now -- and I hired a lawyer who couldn't take down a pro se "road supervisor," I'd fire him before he could blink. Literally, I'd tell him to get out of my face and my building. But that's just me. Maybe Kent Security is more kind to you.

But hey, maybe I don't have the instinct that you have.

Update: Kent Security's motion has been denied by the Labor Board.

Kent Security's class-action waiver is unlawful.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Man Dies in Jail After Being Pepper Sprayed

In a case that has been circulating online, an African-American man, Michael Sabbie, died in a jail after being pepper sprayed and denied proper medical treatment. In the video below, he can be heard repeating "I can't breathe." What's notable about this case is that his death has been ruled to be due to "natural causes," despite the fact that the video shows he was brutalized and denied medical treatment. His obesity likely contributed to his death, but that still does not justify the use of force and the denial of emergency aid given the very clear signs of a medical emergency.

This case also highlights the tendency of authorities to check "death by natural causes" on a piece of paper -- it's the easy route, and surely limits liability for those involved. It also highlights that the effects of pepper spray are far from being fully understood, even by the scientific community. This weapon needs to be thoroughly studied if it is going to be applied by law enforcement and prison staff on a regular basis.

Here is a Huffington Post article on this tragedy.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Summons Issued to Gil Neuman of Kent Security

Gil Neuman, the CEO of Kent Security, has been issued a summons for the recent pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Kent Security of Palm Beach, given that he is the registered agent of the company. I have removed some information even though it is public record. Here is the summons:

I will say, given that I used to live not too far from Mr. Neuman, without trying to be unnecessarily mean and keeping the message straight, that the litigious record of Kent Security seems to be out of proportion to the size of the company, probably of no more than 1,500 employees, as well as his home. I might understand someone getting off on constantly fighting little guys through the courts if he lived on Star Island or had his own island or mansion somewhere, but this guy pretty much lives an upper-middle class life, somewhat simple, and apparently stuck in an office for much of the week, albeit with a high-sounding corporate title. When you strip away the surface, you see it's just not all that, and it would probably be best to try to avoid all of these petty lawsuits. It's unnecessary and, frankly, cowardly -- again, these are pregnant women. Not saying I take their side necessarily, but not everyone as CEO gets sued repeatedly by pregnant women. Granted, the Alexander family is a different story, and perhaps they live a truly upper-class lifestyle, but dude -- you're just a suburban guy boxed into a fairly predictable routine each day. You're not all that, man.

[Clarification: The CEO, by definition, must take ownership of these issues, hence the title.]

Aside from those random thoughts, I think it's important for people to be aware of companies that repeatedly attract these types of lawsuits. It's similar to the Fox News scandal -- if it's a one-off lawsuit, sure, but when they come repeatedly? In the case of Kent Security, it's not about one or two details, or even that stupid Wall of Shame, but rather a pattern of conduct that goes back for years. Socially, it is necessary for this type of behavior to be exposed for public scrutiny. Companies don't have to act like a bunch of angels, but they should try to make some effort to make society better. I think even most ardent capitalists would agree.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Demographics of North Miami

I just found out that North Miami is almost 60 percent Black or African American and only 33 percent White, the majority of whom are Hispanic, according to Wikipedia. Here is a screenshot:

North Miami demographics.
North Miami Demographics

Yet there is not one Black executive on Kent Security's executive page. While this looks bad on the surface, the situation is aggravated by the fact that, behind the scenes, the company is fighting with the National Labor Relations Board to enforce its mandatory arbitration agreement with employees that includes a class-action waiver. Kent Security is arguing that it has a right to basically force employees to give up their right to file a class-action lawsuit, though with an opt-out provision that has drawn skepticism from the agency and many legal experts.

Haitian-American and African-American, and even dark-complexioned Latino, employees of the company should be aware of what's going on under their noses. Personally, I'm curious what Black Americans have to say about this issue. For far too long their voices have been shut out of the national conversation, and we are seeing nationwide protests because they are simply tired of being marginalized. They are sick of it. 

I have a hard time believing that in all of South Florida, with such a large pool of talented racial minorities, Kent Security cannot find one Black man or woman to put on its executive web page. If I were Black -- and I'm not, obviously -- I'd be pissed about the class-action waiver. Heck, all employees should be pissed about it, because there has been a string of major decisions across the country against employers who use them, even though some courts have ruled that they are enforceable -- a sea change could be occurring. 

So, back to the question: why is a company, basically in the hood, without even one Black executive on its website?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rage Against the Machine - Testify

Here is a music video by Rage Against the Machine that is appropriate for this time, since we are heading into the presidential election of 2016. While I grew up listening to them, I failed to appreciate the significance of their lyrics at the time. I saw them as extreme left performers trying to capitalize on a niche market of disaffected youth, but the truth is that people who achieve fame and fortune can still come to the right conclusions, and, even if they do not genuinely believe what they say, they can nevertheless have a positive social impact by disseminating symbols contrary to mainstream culture and making some people think.

Personally, I'm of the view that modern hard rock generally is fake rebellion, where privileged suburban executives can dress up in punk rock clothing and pretend they are anti-corporate. It's a fashion show that has become self-degrading and comical in its pseudo display of aggression. It's WWE for grown-ups with a complex. Rock music has become less an art than a way for a generation of softened youth to pretend they are hard. Nirvana was a breath of fresh air from this garbage.

In light of the scandals of today, in both the corporate and political world, Rage's music is as relevant as ever. You have Wells Fargo opening bank accounts in people's names without their permission, and, similar to Kent Security, attempting to enforce mandatory arbitration proceedings with class-action waivers. You have footage of the Iran-Contra scandal, and sure enough the War on Drugs continues to destroy an entire generation of youths due to permanently staining their records and promoting a dubious class of snitches. You have the corporations buying off politicians, and thus becoming the de facto government, leading potentially into a new derivatives supernova that will be orders of magnitude greater than the 2008 financial crisis. You have horrid conditions in factory farms, where animals live in constant torture, even affecting the quality of food, all for the sake of production goals. You also have wars over depleting resources that continue and will possibly intensify in the coming decades. There are serious issues taking place, though people are distracted by the inane behavior of Brad Pitt.