Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Another Pregnant Woman Sues Kent Security

Another pregnant former employee is suing Kent Security, alleging she was placed in an environment undergoing construction and lacking a restroom upon revealing she was pregnant, in an effort to make her quit. The complaint, filed August 31, 2016 in Miami, suggests this location lacked or had inadequate air conditioning, which for many Floridians would be unbearable. While we take no stance on the merits of the complaint, the allegations are explosive. This isn't the first time the company has dealt with a pregnancy discrimination case: according to a January press release of SEIU, the Greenfield v. Kent Security case involved alleged pregnancy discrimination, and it looks like Kent Security lost or settled that case, according to records. They then had a legal tussle with the attorney who represented them in that case and were slapped with a court sanction. Here is the new complaint for readers.

Again, while we take no stance on the complaint, since we do not know the complainant, we are concerned about the allegations. Here is a guide on pregnancy discrimination in the workplace by National Advocates for Pregnant Women based in New York City. Specifically, the defendant in this case is Kent Security of Palm Beach Inc., which the company argues is also the proper name of the defendant in the other explosive lawsuit alleging permanent injuries due to a mace attack by a security officer in Pembroke Pines.

Kent Security of Palm Beach sued by pregnant woman.

Kent Security of Palm Beach is sued again.

Kent Security of Palm Beach keeps getting sued.

Kent Security of Palm Beach sued by pregnant former employee.

Lawsuits don't stop for Kent Security.

Kent Security of Palm Beach slammed in explosive suit.

Florida Attorney takes pregnancy lawsuit.

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