Monday, August 15, 2016

Reviews of Kent Security Services Inc. of Miami

We decided to take a good sample of the reviews on Google for Kent Security Services of North Miami and make a video about them, given that this company has repeatedly been covered on the news for its mistreatment of employees. According to the principle of transparency, the public has a right to know what they are getting into before they jump head-first into a job.

Once again, we are where the rubber meets the road for addressing labor rights. Addressing labor rights requires more than meditation on the beach: it requires action and holding people accountable. This is more than just an issue about unprofessional behavior by Kent Security in Naples -- a Google search now shows it -- but about making such practices uneconomic. There have to be sanctions against unethical conduct. This is why, unlike the executives at the company headquarters sitting behind desks, we aren't afraid to meet people face-to-face and confront issues head-on. A big part of this story -- largely unsaid, frankly -- is how the executives have been fearful of facing anyone, and have, behind closed doors, allowed the conduct that has brought embarrassment to the company to be aired by media outlets. We even suspect, as pathetically weak and insipid as the district manager in the story was -- even the Labor Board took the hint, by the way -- the executives were afraid to confront him.

Actually, the Jerry Springer aspect to Kent Security's corporate culture is evident in the embarrassing trail of litigation it has left over the years. One gets the sense that Kent Security enjoys picking fights with peons and shoving paperwork through lawyers -- of course, even against women such as Ms. Greenfield. This is why, it's fair to say, we are dealing with people who are of a lower caliber than the esteemed Mark Cuban -- they will never carry even a tiny fraction of the dignity and nobility of character this billionaire possesses. Unlike Mark Cuban, these clowns are out to line their pockets and don't seem to care who they screw over, as shown by the Miami New Times. They are a negative on society, and a train wreck for people who deserve the basic rights granted by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). We also suspect some of the company's executives wish the Labor Board didn't even exist, perhaps thinking it's another blemish of the Roosevelt New Deal era, but that's why we're here -- because we believe the company falters under any system, especially when the light of transparency is shined on it.

Anyway, here is a good sample of the reviews of Kent Security Services of Miami.

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