Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kent Security Lawyer Thomas Groendyke Loses to Pro Se

Thomas Groendyke, a lawyer who represented Kent Security in the "Wall of Shame" case covered by the Miami New Times and Fox 4, was unable to stop the pro se charging party, fueling the pro se's rise on Twitter to close to 10,000 followers.

We made a video about this failure of Mr. Groendyke and Kent Security to prevent the powerful case from moving forward. Notably, Mr. Groendyke represented a Hallandale Beach dating service company that settled $900,000 in a case prosecuted by the EEOC. He just does not look very impressive, in our opinion. We're not surprised Frank Henry has been handling the newest Kent of Naples charge.

So why are we making a video about this guy? Well, frankly, we feel the abuses committed by Kent Security, covered thoroughly by various media outlets, are such that those using whatever legal education and training they have to represent this company for money are fair game for public disclosure in a case of public interest. Mind you, we understand that lawyers have to make money and pay their bills -- they are businessmen -- but when you're driving a luxury car and living in a spacious house or condo and taking money from a company with a history of ethically questionable practices, and at the same time attempting to undermine victims making $9-12 an hour, you're fair game buddy. It is what it is. It's nothing personal.

Yes, our legal system is based on the idea that all are entitled to representation, and this is a noble feature of our system that prevents the abuse of individual rights. However, Kent Security has repeatedly been on the news for unsavory behavior, and it's evident that certain lawyers are riding the gravy train laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of those of very humble means. I suspect that some lawyers are secretly chuckling at Kent Security's inability to avoid litigation, and are repeatedly offering their services for the fees. Again, this is not to say the lawyers are acting maliciously, but they are on the wrong side of history here, to put it simply. They are on the wrong side. Again, this is a company that was sanctioned by a court in 2010.

To give an example, two charges against Kent of Naples have already been found to be meritorious, and both were from pro se charging parties. It's obvious that some lawyers just don't want to take on cases when the charging party is of humble means -- this is a generalization, of course. On the other hand, a business with money will always find representation. Again, this points to flaws in our justice system, as noble as it is relative to the systems of other countries. It favors those with money. This is not a controversial claim. Anyway, here's the video. In urban parlance, Mr. Groendyke takes an "L."

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