Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We're Becoming Famous!

I just found out Oliver McGee, a professor of engineering who has assisted Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Mitt Romney in their campaigns, "liked" my tweet linking to my article referring to Bill O'Reilly as "filth." He has also held high positions within the U.S. Department of Transportation, according to Wikipedia.

In fairness to Mr. McGee, he probably would disagree with a lot of what we say, given that our worldview tends to be on the progressive side. In any case, on a personal level, I agree with the Republican stance on gun rights, and that's one of my attractions to Bernie Sanders: coming from the state of Vermont, where hunting is a cultural pastime, Bernie knows how absurd it is to try to ban guns. Bernie knows real Americans will have none of the anti-gun propaganda from prissy elitists who in many cases have their own armed bodyguards.

Here is a screenshot of his liking our tweet:

EthicsVictory famous on Twitter.
EthicsVictory is Twitter-famous

Of course, during our campaign for labor rights, we've had other prominent people and organizations like or retweet us, such as Jacob Heller, the CEO of Casetext -- when we linked to one of Kent Security's lawsuits -- and the British philosopher David Pearce. David, to his credit, is a true outlier: he has given talks at Harvard and Stanford, but will still respond to my silly Facebook or Twitter messages to him. Most people renowned as he is won't give others the time of day. In fact, I have at times gone on tirades against David over his apolitical stance, and he has still been patient and friendly to me, even inviting me for tea (unfortunately, Brighton is a long distance from Naples, but I'll meet him some day). Another prominent group to retweet us at one point is the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL fights tirelessly for civil rights, and to their credit handle the nutcases who attack them with sang-froid, though they are wrong on the gun issue. (I'm sure we've come across other prominent people, but these are the ones off the top of my head).

Anyway, I just think it's really cool how the internet allows anyone to connect with interesting people and groups. Once again, we are showing that technology is power, and this power is accessible to all of us -- that means you.

Moral of the story: we movin'! Also, progressives can be supporters of the Second Amendment!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Did Kent Security Have a Beef with Museum of Discovery & Science?

Having grown up in Ft. Lauderdale, I can tell you there's no culture in the city, with maybe a couple of exceptions. There is an arts strip right by Riverfront, where the Museum of Discovery and Science is located. This is an area that symbolizes the growing rift in this country, with luxurious high-rises surrounded by throngs of homeless people. It is fairly common to see drunk girls fighting and pulling each other's hair or drunk hoodlums getting arrested and taken to the nearby county jail at 3 am on a Saturday morning. This is why everyone with taste now prefers going to the Seminole Hard Rock and Casino in Hollywood instead, leaving the area with even lower quality people on weekend nights. I suppose, like watching a car accident, it can be fun to go there now and then. Back in the day, it was the place to crack open a Four Loko and hit the strip on a nightly with your homies.

Anyway, it looks like Kent Security had a beef relating to this one positive landmark in the city. Well, actually, the city does have a nice beach, and Las Olas Blvd. has some cool shops and restaurants, but I digress. We don't have enough facts to say who was in the wrong here, but it's still something to keep in mind if you're from the area. Technically, the defendant of this case was Kent Security of Palm Beach, Inc.

Anyway, here's the video we made on this seemingly bizarre case:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bill O'Reilly Is Filth

Bill O'Reilly and Fox News are once again embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal, this time due to Andrea Tantaros filing a lawsuit in New York claiming: "Fox News masquerades as defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency, and misogyny." This is interesting, considering that O'Reilly and Fox constantly pitch themselves as representing family values.

Actually, while we can't say anything about the merits of the complaint, it's obvious that Fox uses women as sex toys for the visual pleasure of its aging male audience. The women on that show look really good, and they are revealing in their attire, clearly in an effort to boost the audience of the programs.

This is a station that constantly pushes for war against other countries and tries to convince its aging audience that locking up an entire generation of whippersnappers for smoking a plant is a way to promote the philosophy and practices of Jesus. While I'm no Christian, I fail to see what militarism and the War on Drugs have to do with the teachings of Jesus. Bernie Sanders behaves much more like a Christian than the allegedly prurient cretin O'Reilly.

Frankly, while I'm lifting weights in my community gym I'm sick of seeing this disgusting prune preaching to me why we must devote billions of dollars to fighting a war against cannabis (I do not smoke it, by the way, but I think adults should have a right to if they choose, since this is supposed to be a free country). Rush Limbaugh, a fellow traveler of his, was exposed as an opioid addict a while ago, but last I heard he hasn't changed his views about marijuana. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are suffering or dying because they are denied access to medicinal marijuana, or are instead being pumped with pharmaceutical concoctions with risks that Big Pharma -- undoubtedly sponsoring these jerks -- downplays.

O'Reilly's shady background is well-known on the internet and is on his Wikipedia page, so we won't go into detail about it here.

I hope Tantaros succeeds in her suit and bankrupts Fox. However, a much more likely scenario is that Fox will settle to try to brush this embarrassing problem under the rug.

Here is a pretty good analysis of the situation from the Young Turks:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

We Call on an Investigation of Kent Security

Because we regard the alleged mace attack by a Kent Security officer in Pembroke Pines, a suburb within Broward County, as very serious, we believe there should be a serious state investigation of the company as a matter of public safety. We call on the Department of Agriculture, an entity we respect, to look thoroughly into the records of Kent Security and ensure that the company is meeting industry standards. While we cannot determine the merits of the complaint, the complaint is nonetheless very serious.

In this particular case, a person is claiming to have lost sight as a result of an assault by a security officer. It cannot be overemphasized how serious a matter this is. To make matters worse, the company dealt with a whistleblower case (Lopez v. Kent Security Services) related to public safety just months before this alleged incident, and soon after dealt with the embarrassing "Wall of Shame" case that also has a public safety angle.

We will be pounding the table over the next few weeks and months about the seriousness of this allegation, because we see this as more than just a matter of someone filing a lawsuit and collecting money -- we want the public interest to be taken into consideration. We will thus be cranking out videos so that the public understands that security companies must be heavily scrutinized and held accountable.

Just as there is increased awareness about excessive force by law enforcement, the public must become more aware of allegations of excessive force by private security companies. There is some overlap between law enforcement and the private security industry.

Here are documents related to the alleged mace attack that we have not released before:

Kent Security admissions request from plaintiff.

Kent Security admissions request by plaintiff page 2.

Kent Security privilege log.

The same name listed as conducting an "investigation into subject incident" matches the name of a person who, according to the Department of Agriculture, had his license revoked in August 2015 (control-F for search). Maybe this is a case of mistaken identity, but if so it would be an interesting coincidence given how unique the person's name is. Also in the last document, referred to as a "Privilege Log" according to public records, Kent Security is claiming that the proper name of the defendant is Kent Security of Palm Beach, Inc. This appears to be what triggered the plaintiff's counsel to file a motion to amend by interlineation to substitute Kent Security Services Inc. for Kent Security of Palm Beach Inc.

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Countdown Is On

The countdown is on. We haven't minded being underdogs from the beginning. In our view, justice will prevail. We're coming in with the intensity of Mike Tyson during his prime. Notably, no one thought he'd come in and handle his opponents the way he did when he first emerged as a professional. We wouldn't be surprised if our opponents get a little nervous, given that thus far they have been fearful of facing those who assert labor rights and employee dignity. We detect when people are artificially placed in high positions without regard for a more natural, organic order based on talent or mental toughness. There is nothing worse for a bully than someone who finally stands up to him. In this case, we see the house of cards before us. There is just no way we can lose, as our Labor Board victory proved. Though Mike Tyson used physical force, we will use ethics and reason to carry us to victory.

Official Statement Coming This Weekend

This weekend we will release an official statement on the alleged mace attack in Pembroke Pines by a Kent Security officer. While we can't speak about the merits of the complaint, we have some things to say about the situation that aligns with the public interest.

We'll also reveal some hints about where we are legally.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kent Security Lawyer Thomas Groendyke Loses to Pro Se

Thomas Groendyke, a lawyer who represented Kent Security in the "Wall of Shame" case covered by the Miami New Times and Fox 4, was unable to stop the pro se charging party, fueling the pro se's rise on Twitter to close to 10,000 followers.

We made a video about this failure of Mr. Groendyke and Kent Security to prevent the powerful case from moving forward. Notably, Mr. Groendyke represented a Hallandale Beach dating service company that settled $900,000 in a case prosecuted by the EEOC. He just does not look very impressive, in our opinion. We're not surprised Frank Henry has been handling the newest Kent of Naples charge.

So why are we making a video about this guy? Well, frankly, we feel the abuses committed by Kent Security, covered thoroughly by various media outlets, are such that those using whatever legal education and training they have to represent this company for money are fair game for public disclosure in a case of public interest. Mind you, we understand that lawyers have to make money and pay their bills -- they are businessmen -- but when you're driving a luxury car and living in a spacious house or condo and taking money from a company with a history of ethically questionable practices, and at the same time attempting to undermine victims making $9-12 an hour, you're fair game buddy. It is what it is. It's nothing personal.

Yes, our legal system is based on the idea that all are entitled to representation, and this is a noble feature of our system that prevents the abuse of individual rights. However, Kent Security has repeatedly been on the news for unsavory behavior, and it's evident that certain lawyers are riding the gravy train laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of those of very humble means. I suspect that some lawyers are secretly chuckling at Kent Security's inability to avoid litigation, and are repeatedly offering their services for the fees. Again, this is not to say the lawyers are acting maliciously, but they are on the wrong side of history here, to put it simply. They are on the wrong side. Again, this is a company that was sanctioned by a court in 2010.

To give an example, two charges against Kent of Naples have already been found to be meritorious, and both were from pro se charging parties. It's obvious that some lawyers just don't want to take on cases when the charging party is of humble means -- this is a generalization, of course. On the other hand, a business with money will always find representation. Again, this points to flaws in our justice system, as noble as it is relative to the systems of other countries. It favors those with money. This is not a controversial claim. Anyway, here's the video. In urban parlance, Mr. Groendyke takes an "L."

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Juice Is Starting to Flow

Behind the scenes, we've been laying the underground SEO pipeline to allow the juice to flow to our pages more evenly. Perhaps our celebration earlier was a bit premature -- but make no mistake, the forces of justice are right at the gate and are about to barge in.

Again, there is fluctuation, but we are gaining ground. We have essentially taken over the Google keywords "kent security" (we suspect Twitter is a big factor in this, with its powerful social signals and domain authority [DA] of 100), "kent security naples," and "kent security broward." We are about to take over "kent security palm beach." "kent security miami" is a bit more difficult, but we know in time we can take it over. We haven't even tried for "kent security new york," but we also suspect it can easily be taken over. However, we have no real beef with the New York crew, so we haven't made it a priority. Actually, we don't have a problem with the Alexanders, even though they have enabled the goofy CEO who looks like he has never lifted a weight in his life. We don't hate against success per se. In fact, we like the billionaire Mark Cuban.

The main hindrance so far has been that we are relatively new to SEO -- the older the blogs, the more credibility they are given. Time has been on our side and we are growing quickly, tho.

Make no mistake: we aim for a complete takeover online. We aim to become a grand tsunami to smash the edifice of corporate malfeasance in North Miami (as covered by the Miami New Times) and drag its debris into the ocean. Operation Justice Optimized is an ambitious project with the ultimate aim of asserting the rights of all workers. The operation aims to disseminate truth. We also are very concerned about the allegations against the company in the mace attack lawsuit: we believe this case is worthy of a serious investigation to protect the public. We thus aim to promote public safety as well.

We also have other projects lined up. We'll provide hints in the coming weeks.

Reviews of Kent Security Services Inc. of Miami

We decided to take a good sample of the reviews on Google for Kent Security Services of North Miami and make a video about them, given that this company has repeatedly been covered on the news for its mistreatment of employees. According to the principle of transparency, the public has a right to know what they are getting into before they jump head-first into a job.

Once again, we are where the rubber meets the road for addressing labor rights. Addressing labor rights requires more than meditation on the beach: it requires action and holding people accountable. This is more than just an issue about unprofessional behavior by Kent Security in Naples -- a Google search now shows it -- but about making such practices uneconomic. There have to be sanctions against unethical conduct. This is why, unlike the executives at the company headquarters sitting behind desks, we aren't afraid to meet people face-to-face and confront issues head-on. A big part of this story -- largely unsaid, frankly -- is how the executives have been fearful of facing anyone, and have, behind closed doors, allowed the conduct that has brought embarrassment to the company to be aired by media outlets. We even suspect, as pathetically weak and insipid as the district manager in the story was -- even the Labor Board took the hint, by the way -- the executives were afraid to confront him.

Actually, the Jerry Springer aspect to Kent Security's corporate culture is evident in the embarrassing trail of litigation it has left over the years. One gets the sense that Kent Security enjoys picking fights with peons and shoving paperwork through lawyers -- of course, even against women such as Ms. Greenfield. This is why, it's fair to say, we are dealing with people who are of a lower caliber than the esteemed Mark Cuban -- they will never carry even a tiny fraction of the dignity and nobility of character this billionaire possesses. Unlike Mark Cuban, these clowns are out to line their pockets and don't seem to care who they screw over, as shown by the Miami New Times. They are a negative on society, and a train wreck for people who deserve the basic rights granted by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). We also suspect some of the company's executives wish the Labor Board didn't even exist, perhaps thinking it's another blemish of the Roosevelt New Deal era, but that's why we're here -- because we believe the company falters under any system, especially when the light of transparency is shined on it.

Anyway, here is a good sample of the reviews of Kent Security Services of Miami.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kent Security Services Inc. Received Court Sanction

We discovered another piece of the puzzle in the bizarre history of Kent Security Services Inc.: the company received a court sanction in 2010 for allegedly not complying with a court order. This was in a case brought by Leslie Langbein, who apparently defended Kent Security against Ms. Greenfield in a case that, according to a 32BJ SEIU press release, involved alleged pregnancy discrimination. Notably, Ms. Greenfield was represented by Richard Celler, the University of Miami alumnus who has a law office in Davie, FL. It looks like Ms. Greenfield prevailed in this case. Presumably, Ms. Langbein sued Kent Security, a company she represented, due to a dispute over billing.

Apparently, Kent Security was sanctioned by the court for not complying with a discovery request and was then fined $700:

Kent Security Services Inc. received court sanction.

For perspective, this sanction took place just 10 months before the company made the news for allegedly not paying security guards at the Miami City Hall a "living wage" in accordance with city law. Apparently, not happy with fighting one woman, the company proceeded to fight another shortly after through the courts. This is beta male behavior -- straight up. We don't use the term lightly or randomly.

Having reviewed the records of various companies for comparison, it is my humble opinion, though supported by ample documentation here and elsewhere, that Kent Security has a more extensive litigation history than average, with very questionable incidents to boot. This is one example of questionable conduct. I don't think I'm going out of line to assert this.

Presumably, Bernie Sanders would not be happy if he ever got the chance to speak to us about our opposition. We suspect he'd high-five us and tell us to continue to fight for justice.

Bernie Sanders fights for workers.
"The Wall of Shame is shameful!"

Honestly, we have only uploaded a portion of the questionable things we have found about this company. Putting everything up would simply create distraction and dilute our message, but nonetheless what we have posted so far on this blog and elsewhere is relevant because it arguably shows a pattern of behavior.

We also feel an obligation, besides fighting for justice, to deliver the lulz to our audience. I suppose this could be called the "Summer of Lulz." Admittedly, we have enjoyed plenty of laughs at the expense of our opposition, especially after our Labor Board victory. Honestly, there are times I could not stop laughing just thinking about how the company has mishandled our case.

Don't worry -- we'll make sure to keep them coming! After all, our opposition doesn't exactly make it a hard thing to do.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Google Factors Social Signals

As I have said, Operation Justice Optimized is a giant experiment, socially and digitally, attempting to push the envelope on what workers can do to assert their rights in a world of growing wealth inequality and its associated abuses. We by no means claim to be the best SEOs, but we have learned a lot from our experiments. One thing I want to cover is social signals.

Contrary to claims made by people online who read too much into videos of Matt Cutts, Google and other search engines are already factoring social signals into the algorithm. Possibly the search engines are mum about this to protect their proprietary software and to discourage spamming. In particular, we have noticed a correlation between someone liking or retweeting a link on our Twitter and a temporary jump of that page in Google. We have noticed this on multiple occasions. In short, people who take what Matt Cutts says literally don't have a clue on what's going on. It's obvious that one way to discourage spamming is to maintain the illusion that search engines religiously follow the nofollow attribute. Obviously, since the Web 2.0 properties of the highest caliber are now mainly nofollow, it follows that some type of adjustment is needed so that signals from these valuable websites are not completely ignored. Possibly, the algorithm makes a distinction between established and new social media pages, giving more credibility to older or more reputable ones.

The above paragraph contains some technical jargon that can be looked up online or ignored by most of our readers. It's simply meant to clarify some misconceptions floating around about how Google and other search engines are integrating social media into their algorithms -- simply put, they are.

Also, there will be some fluctuation in our rankings over time, but we expect to be more prominent in the long run. Our method has not involved anything extraordinary or top secret. We simply have been promoting our message on websites with high page rank or domain authority, and letting the credibility of these sites flow to our particular pages.

I suppose the goal of this post is to simply rant against the idiots who take too much of an analytical rather than intuitive approach to SEO and take everything said by a Google spokesperson at face value. It just makes no sense for a high tech company to religiously follow a rule that is over a decade old in an industry that requires continuous innovation and evolution for a company within it to even survive.

Of course, we are one data point in the giant sea of information that is the internet, but we make this assertion because we have experienced this over and over using a method that revolves around social media.

[Update: It's also possible that the spikes in ranking are caused simply by increased traffic and searches due to curiosity about our case, though we think it's mainly social signals being factored. Again, this piece simply expresses an opinion.]

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Status Update

We are at one percent capacity right now. We await the arrival of the legions.

The coming weeks will be interesting. We are in preparations.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Protest Against Kent Security in Miami Beach

Earlier this year, 32BJ SEIU launched a press release and protest against Kent Security being awarded a contract in Miami Beach due to its history of labor violations. We made a video to spread awareness of this protest, in accordance with the aims of Operation Justice Optimized. Evidently, we are taking over the search results on Bing as well.

Notably, this press release led us to the case of Ms. Greenfield, who apparently won a settlement against Kent Security. The ethical problem I have with this case, apparently won by the highly skilled and hilarious attorney Richard Bernard Celler, is that the amount of money won by Ms. Greenfield is obviously much greater to her than to those with a side business flipping mansions. The money also may never fully erase the emotional toll on those like Ms. Greenfield. I can't help but think there's a higher power taking note of this misconduct. In any case, businesspersons who fight women for piddly amounts of money through the courts will meet a universal justice, whatever we may conceive of its form or nature. In the tiny bubble that is the Kent Security headquarters, there is an authoritarian corporate culture that spreads into the numerous districts. Outside of this bubble, an executive may be perceived as never having lifted a weight in his life by normal people.

While we can't comment on the merits of Ms. Greenfield's case, it looks and smells rotten on its face, especially with the documentation we have found about it.

As for how long Operation Justice Optimized will take place: we have no idea. It may possibly be a 30-year project. We enjoy learning about the internet and fighting for the little guy. The beauty of the project is that each success stimulates greater interest and enthusiasm. The end game is simply to declare, in this space and time, that corporate misconduct will not be tolerated, whatever the legal outcome. Again, we have already won with the publicity and Labor Board victory. Right now we are in the bonus rounds.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Hidden Side of the Rio Olympic Games

Here is a short documentary on the efforts by Rio de Janeiro politicians and businesses to hide the poor from the media and tourists during the Olympics, in order to make the city look better. Similar to the Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010, the poor are being forced out of zones in or near where the games will be played, causing increased hardship and suffering towards unlucky people who have used the land for possibly decades.

There is also a racial component to the discrimination in Brazil, as Afro-Brazilians are pushed aside for the gentrification and development of land that has been theirs through forceful government confiscation ("eminent domain"). Race in Latin America is much more fluid than in the United States, with much more mixture between the races, so the discrimination can be said to be more of "colorism" or based on phenotype rather than genes.

There is also the issue of waters in and around Rio contaminated due to tons of raw sewage being pumped into them every day. Because of this, athletes have been advised to avoid sticking their heads underwater due to very high levels of viruses and bacteria that can cause illness. On a brighter note, some of the people that regularly fish in these waters and consume the fish likely have very strong immune systems that have adapted to the environment, though this does not apply to the tourists. Personally, I have been to Rio and surfed and swam at a couple of these beaches (Ipanema and Copacabana) with no problem, so I think the dangers are overhyped, but still important to keep in mind.

It will be interesting to see if Rio is prepared for the upcoming games.