Saturday, July 2, 2016

We Have Surpassed 8,000 Twitter Followers

We have surpassed 8,000 Twitter followers. One notable aspect to our labor activism is the greater empathy and support we have received from the Berniecrats.

Bernie Sanders represents working-class Americans.

We aim to make our campaign a multimedia campaign, so we will be producing more videos. We are inspired by the growth of popularity of Bernie Sanders and by the spirit of his revolutionary movement. We believe, contrary to the fear-mongering of his benighted detractors, that he is a decent, honest New Dealer in modern form. Though Sanders is unlikely to be the next president, he has, similar to the Occupy movement, stimulated discussion about the growing wealth disparity and political corruption in the United States.

Our aim to foster better working conditions for Kent Security employees therefore aligns elegantly with the ideology of Sanders. 

Our growth also underscores the vulnerability of our opposition, of which we are acutely aware. It is our belief that our opposition is in an embarrassing hole from which it cannot get out. It is our hope that the primary owners will take note of this, since ultimately the responsibility lies on them to have competent people running the company. 

Regardless of the legal outcome, Kent Security has lost. Kent Security has lost because, bare minimum, it has been exposed as practicing very poor ethics towards employees. This is a very sad and pathetic predicament, since it should be a natural pleasure to take care of those who bring you good profits and a luxurious lifestyle. It's pathetic to see people running a company who lack this basic human capacity, as shown in the "Wall of Shame" scandal.

We'll keep our readers up-to-date on our legal maneuvers. We'll be posting updates now and then, based on what we are advised is acceptable to release.

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  1. Now establishing a BernieCrat PAC for down ticket progressives in Indiana. We would like permission to use your BernieCrat banner-sized photo for our website.

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