Tuesday, July 12, 2016


When I found out a Kent Security executive very involved (to put it mildly) in the Kent Security "Wall of Shame" scandal was conducting meditation classes on Hollywood Beach, I called a witness and wondered, as someone who has studied Buddhism and volunteered at meditation centers in Europe while backpacking, and spent hundreds of hours in meditation, how it could be that someone who was so nasty to me and others in a corporate setting could be meditating on the beach, in the ultimate act of submission, humility (ostensibly), and relinquishing of ego.

I was told that it was fake -- an act. I also wondered, honestly, "Are there Jimmy Swaggarts in Buddhism?" By that I mean -- total and complete hypocrites. Then again, I have temporarily abandoned Buddhism in my ongoing war with Kent, which requires the ultimate pragmatism against what I see as the quintessential materialist opponent in the form of a corporation -- you have to put yourself in the mind of the enemy to beat him, but hopefully not fall into his wretchedness and corruption while doing so. Still, Buddhism possesses what I believe to be universal truths, as real as the laws of mathematics. There is a mysterious spiritual force in our universe, perfectly aligned with the laws of mathematics, and this force is inescapable and all-powerful. Needless to say, Kent has violated these universal spiritual laws.

While I have been tempted to lash out at this executive online, and perhaps even the Sun-Sentinel for giving her two articles in the last seven months -- a paper, I thought, perennially plagued by grammatical errors and lacking the gravitas of the Miami Herald, as well as the edginess of the Miami New Times -- I realize that there is no need to direct anger towards this executive, because a heavy price has already been paid by her and her company over their mishandling of the Kensington situation. This is self-evident. If you are a president of a company and act in a way that encourages employees to take a dispute to a local newspaper and the newspaper and the public then take their side, you by definition have failed. Big time. This is worse than even a typical failed marketing plan -- it is negative marketing that is almost permanent in our Digital Age. There is no punishment worse than this for anyone with an ego.

Seeing the video edited by Ms. Duarte of the Sun-Sentinel, it is evident that people are grateful to this executive for guiding them through meditation. I believe their feelings are sincere and I honestly cannot find fault in that. I also agree with the president of Kent that people must be their own guru in life. I just wish she could have applied the teachings of the Buddha while working at Kent and being confronted with our situation and the low-IQ district manager oblivious to his own stupidity. As I told the CEO over the phone -- he called me giving me an attitude, and I had to put the petulant beta male back in his place and explain the ethical problems covered by the Miami New Times -- a cognitive assessment for the district manager position would likely have prevented the situation from arising in the first place. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a "Wall of Shame" and paddles used as decoration at the workplace are a symptom of a major problem. A major, major problem -- it begs the question (or rather should): "What else is going on in that hell-hole?"

Anyway, I have said my piece, and again I have no need to attack someone who, I believe, has been crushed by her own actions. This battle of mine with Kent has been akin to a martial art that uses the opponent's force against him. In this regard, Kent has been its own worst enemy.

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