Sunday, July 17, 2016

NYPD Officers Allege Quotas and Retaliation

A bunch of minority NYPD officers are suing the city claiming they are harassed to meet quotas, which, they believe, bring about unnecessary confrontations with minorities in their communities. They also claim they are more severely punished for not meeting these quotas. Though there has been increased polarization and fragmentation in our society due to recent high-profile cases of perceived excessive force and random attacks on police officers as a result, the reality is that the U.S. excessively incarcerates people of all colors, with minorities disproportionately locked up.

Americans need to stand unified against the prison-industrial complex, and emphasize education and rehabilitation over incarceration. No matter the color of one's skin, no one should be thrown into a jail cell for smoking a plant. The quota system and "War on Drugs" that incentivize arresting people for non-violent offenses need to be ended for a fairer, more just, and ultimately healthier society. Imprisoning massive numbers of young men for no other purpose than to meet quotas will only bring about waves of hardened gangsters once they get out of prison.

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