Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kent of Naples d/b/a Kent Security Issued Another Notice of Hearing

[Note: Kent of Naples d/b/a Kent Security is owned and run by the same people who have a history of labor violations in Miami. While Kent may challenge the most recent decision by the Labor Board, the company is already on record settling twice since 2011 based on Labor Board complaints, as can be seen here and here. Moreover, Kent has agreed to modify its unlawful arbitration agreement, as can be seen here.]

The Labor Board apparently found Kent of Naples d/b/a Kent Security once again in breach of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and has issued yet another hearing notice for the company, as can be seen here. Notably, the Labor Board found Kent of Naples to engage in unlawful conduct and issued a hearing notice just eight months ago in our case, which brought about a settlement requiring Kent to post notices at gatehouses. This is reminiscent of the humiliation Kent endured in 2011 when some of their employees in Miami complained to the city, the Miami New Times, and to the Labor Board about unfair treatment and pay. Reportedly, Kent paid out big money to settle that legal mess. However, the company's conduct during that period has continued to plague it and its reputation in that county.

This also may be used legally in our case, as we continue to gain momentum and energy. We believe that there is a pattern of misconduct coming from Kent corporate in Miami. This misconduct has pushed us to expand our multimedia campaign and to build our following on social media. We continue to make important gains in the search engines, having virtually taken over the keywords "kent security naples" and now "kent security broward." We are also making progress in taking over the mega keyword "kent security" as well as the very important "kent security miami."

We also produced a few videos during the Fourth of July weekend, figuring that our opposition would be distracted and eating. Here is Ortiz v. Kent Security Miami, and here is Casadonte v. Kent Security Miami and Kent of Naples. Those are two Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases from 2009-2010. It seems in both cases Kent lost. We'll probably produce an in-depth video on how to file a FLSA complaint in the near future, given this history. We also want to publicize this to discourage this type of conduct in business.

Given that Kent of Naples has repeatedly been issued hearing notices, we'll be releasing a video soon instructing employees on how to file a claim with the Labor Board. The advantage current employees have is that the Labor Board is now well aware of the nasty attitude at the very top of that company. We are going to prove that the "little guy" has a voice and rights that cannot be violated with no consequence. We are going to make sure that the entire world knows what has been going on. The issue is bigger than the stupid paddles from the foolish supervisor, as well as the low-IQ district manager who was quoted by the Miami New Times and the biology major at corporate who couldn't fix the issue. The issue is Kent's tendency to double-down on each mistake and to trample on the rights of others so blatantly and recklessly. Yes, the retaliation is bad, but Kent's sheer stupidity while engaging in this type of conduct is even worse. It's like watching a video of a stupid criminal on one of those TV shows who can't help but get caught.

The real story here is the embarrassing conduct from Kent even as the entire community of South Florida is watching. We'll keep all of you updated on this circus act from the North Miami based company. The comedy and tragedy just do not end.

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