Friday, July 29, 2016

Some Short-term Goals

There will be days when we will not be posting anything, but our readers can rest assured that during this time we are beta testing and refining our methods.

We'll be producing more videos in the coming days and weeks, and will be disseminating more information related to our case and the NLRA rights of employees. In the meantime, we are getting closer and closer to achieving 10,000 Twitter followers.

We will also be closely following the Labor Board case that is currently pending against Kent of Naples. More legal documents will also be released in the coming days or weeks.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kent Security Employees: How to File a Labor Board Charge

Given that Kent Security has settled two Labor Board charges since 2011 and has been hit with two hearing notices within the past year alone, we decided it would be a good idea to inform Kent Security employees of their National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) rights and guide them on contacting the Labor Board to possibly file a charge if they believe their NLRA rights have been violated.

We also believe we have not worked nearly hard enough to defend the little guy and express gratitude to the Labor Board, so we decided it would be a good idea to ramp up our online campaign 100 times harder and to inform Kent Security employees in every city of their NLRA rights, given that corporate in Miami has shown itself to be so stubborn with regard to the degradation of employees.

So, we will be dialing up our online campaign, since it has not been strong enough. We want this campaign exponentially more powerful.

Here is our latest video on how to file a Labor charge:

Friday, July 22, 2016

Operation Justice Optimized

It looks like we have taken a couple of new cities -- "kent security miami" and "kent security new york" -- both of which our Miami New Times story was buried on page two but is now on the first page of Google. Other articles about us or other cases similar to ours have also been bumped up. Again, we are powered by the First Amendment and the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) in our mission.

In short, our SEO is the real deal -- we are at the cutting edge and have proven it. This is just with about two months of work. Only time will tell how much more effective we will be. We expect to be more prominent through time. Our techniques, by the way, are purely white hat.

We've been informed that our opposition has so much money that "they honestly don't care," but that's irrelevant to us. The point is that this is effective -- people will take notice.

Our aim is simply to get our point across that the little guy matters. If our opposition wants to build the reputation of callously ignoring the point and effectiveness of our free-speech exercise, we'll let the public draw its own conclusions about it. We don't care either.

Company Calls Police on Union Organizers in Georgia

I came across an interesting thread on Reddit regarding the hostility to unions in the South, and the comments from the group were quite colorful. The subject was a Huffington Post video and article about the police being called against Teamsters in Georgia by a trucking company, XPO Logistics, and the police violating the First Amendment rights of the organizers by falsely claiming they were obstructing traffic. The Teamsters were simply leafleting on the side of a public road, and it was up to the truckers driving by to stop and take a leaflet if they so chose.

The irony is that these anti-union, presumably "conservative" cops are probably themselves represented by a union and are paid with taxpayer dollars, but these subtleties are lost on them as they try, drunk with their limited power, to shut down the First Amendment rights of others. Because the Teamsters were not backing down from exercising their free speech and National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) rights to encourage workers to unionize, they were issued a citation and court date. The lawyer for the Teamsters has threatened to sue the city if the court date is not dropped. We'll try to get updates on the matter.

Here is the video of the encounter:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

NYPD Officers Allege Quotas and Retaliation

A bunch of minority NYPD officers are suing the city claiming they are harassed to meet quotas, which, they believe, bring about unnecessary confrontations with minorities in their communities. They also claim they are more severely punished for not meeting these quotas. Though there has been increased polarization and fragmentation in our society due to recent high-profile cases of perceived excessive force and random attacks on police officers as a result, the reality is that the U.S. excessively incarcerates people of all colors, with minorities disproportionately locked up.

Americans need to stand unified against the prison-industrial complex, and emphasize education and rehabilitation over incarceration. No matter the color of one's skin, no one should be thrown into a jail cell for smoking a plant. The quota system and "War on Drugs" that incentivize arresting people for non-violent offenses need to be ended for a fairer, more just, and ultimately healthier society. Imprisoning massive numbers of young men for no other purpose than to meet quotas will only bring about waves of hardened gangsters once they get out of prison.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Greenfield v. Kent Security Services of Miami

We made a video about a reported pregnancy discrimination case, the source of which is the 32BJ SEIU press release against Kent Security. We investigated the matter and, because it bears some similarities to other cases, we decided to publicize it. We take no stance on the merits of this case against the North Miami based company, but are nonetheless very concerned about Kent's chronic unlawful conduct.

We also believe that companies that behave ethically have nothing to hide, and that a free market requires that the public have access to this type of information. 

Here are photos related to this case:

Greenfield v. Kent Security Services from Justia.

Celler fights Kent Security for Greenfield.

Greenfield v. Kent Security Services of Miami.

Greenfield pregnancy case v. Kent Security Services.

Greenfield v. Kent Security moved to federal court.

More on Greenfield v. Kent Security of North Miami.

Details of Greenfield v. Kent Security of Miami.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


When I found out a Kent Security executive very involved (to put it mildly) in the Kent Security "Wall of Shame" scandal was conducting meditation classes on Hollywood Beach, I called a witness and wondered, as someone who has studied Buddhism and volunteered at meditation centers in Europe while backpacking, and spent hundreds of hours in meditation, how it could be that someone who was so nasty to me and others in a corporate setting could be meditating on the beach, in the ultimate act of submission, humility (ostensibly), and relinquishing of ego.

I was told that it was fake -- an act. I also wondered, honestly, "Are there Jimmy Swaggarts in Buddhism?" By that I mean -- total and complete hypocrites. Then again, I have temporarily abandoned Buddhism in my ongoing war with Kent, which requires the ultimate pragmatism against what I see as the quintessential materialist opponent in the form of a corporation -- you have to put yourself in the mind of the enemy to beat him, but hopefully not fall into his wretchedness and corruption while doing so. Still, Buddhism possesses what I believe to be universal truths, as real as the laws of mathematics. There is a mysterious spiritual force in our universe, perfectly aligned with the laws of mathematics, and this force is inescapable and all-powerful. Needless to say, Kent has violated these universal spiritual laws.

While I have been tempted to lash out at this executive online, and perhaps even the Sun-Sentinel for giving her two articles in the last seven months -- a paper, I thought, perennially plagued by grammatical errors and lacking the gravitas of the Miami Herald, as well as the edginess of the Miami New Times -- I realize that there is no need to direct anger towards this executive, because a heavy price has already been paid by her and her company over their mishandling of the Kensington situation. This is self-evident. If you are a president of a company and act in a way that encourages employees to take a dispute to a local newspaper and the newspaper and the public then take their side, you by definition have failed. Big time. This is worse than even a typical failed marketing plan -- it is negative marketing that is almost permanent in our Digital Age. There is no punishment worse than this for anyone with an ego.

Seeing the video edited by Ms. Duarte of the Sun-Sentinel, it is evident that people are grateful to this executive for guiding them through meditation. I believe their feelings are sincere and I honestly cannot find fault in that. I also agree with the president of Kent that people must be their own guru in life. I just wish she could have applied the teachings of the Buddha while working at Kent and being confronted with our situation and the low-IQ district manager oblivious to his own stupidity. As I told the CEO over the phone -- he called me giving me an attitude, and I had to put the petulant beta male back in his place and explain the ethical problems covered by the Miami New Times -- a cognitive assessment for the district manager position would likely have prevented the situation from arising in the first place. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a "Wall of Shame" and paddles used as decoration at the workplace are a symptom of a major problem. A major, major problem -- it begs the question (or rather should): "What else is going on in that hell-hole?"

Anyway, I have said my piece, and again I have no need to attack someone who, I believe, has been crushed by her own actions. This battle of mine with Kent has been akin to a martial art that uses the opponent's force against him. In this regard, Kent has been its own worst enemy.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Photos of Miami City Hall Officer Strike Against Kent Security

This video has photos of the strike against Kent Security by Miami City Hall security officers who accused the company of violating the "living wage" ordinance of the city in 2011. These photos are therefore important pieces of history, as they show the growing consciousness of the working class of this country and growing tensions over employer abuses. Current and future Kent Security employees should know about those who fought for them and other security officers. These security officers were supported by 32BJ SEIU, a union with over 155,000 members nationwide. Reportedly, Kent shelled out big money to resolve this dispute.

Here are photos of the strike:

Miami officers accused Kent Security of underpaying them.

Miami City Hall officers are angry with Kent Security.

A Miami protester on strike accuses Kent Security of theft.

Miami City Hall officers accuse Kent Security of breaking the law.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Prison-Industrial Complex and Urban Communities

Because of the recent tragedies that have made the news, we will shift our focus to some of the more immediate concerns facing minorities and poor Whites in this country. We will be providing coverage of the protests occurring nationwide due to excessive force among police especially against minorities. We'll be collaborating with African-Americans who are allies of ours behind the scenes to extend coverage to the blogosphere. In the meantime, Twitter is exploding with rage and consternation over these tragedies, with frustrations boiling over as the same story gets repeated over and over. The fact of the matter is this nation incarcerates more people -- in absolute numbers and per capita -- than any other nation on earth. We have a system that incentivizes the imprisoning of huge chunks of the young male population. This system prevents these young men from getting decent jobs when they are free, due to the electronic records that follow them. Furthermore, there is a disturbing trend of states spending way more money on building prisons than schools. Some counties now depend on these prisons to support their economy. These prisons affect the society as a whole in very negative ways.

More will be coming in the following days and perhaps weeks regarding this very critical topic.

Another Kent Security Broward Lawsuit Alleging Negligence

We discovered, upon our investigation, yet another Broward lawsuit accusing Kent Security Services of negligence. We are not saying that the lawsuit has merit, but feel the public has a right to know about it. Also, regardless of the legal technicalities involved in this and other cases, the ethical dimension must also be investigated: while an employer can technically get off on a case, it doesn't necessarily mean the employer behaved properly according to the shared values of the community. Again, we do not take a stance on any of the claims within this particular lawsuit.

Kent Security Services has its headquarters in North Miami. Apparently, this incident allegedly occurred at a Century Village community in Pembroke Pines. Pembroke Pines is a suburb located in Broward County and is situated between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. What's disturbing about this particular case is that the plaintiff claims, after being assaulted by a man during the course of her work, that she was then removed from the schedule and thus prevented from earning income for one month. She alleges, as a single mother, that this put a strain on her. Current and future Kent Security employees have every right to learn about this case.

It appears that the case is still pending, according to a recent investigation of the matter.

Another Kent Security lawsuit in Broward County.

Another Kent Security lawsuit claiming negligence.

Woman sues Kent Security over Alleged Broward attack.

Kent Security sued again in Broward.

A case management schedule is apparently set for Kent Security in Broward.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kent Security Services Inc. Accused of Negligence

We have made a new video, this time just taking the juiciest excerpts from the alleged mace attack lawsuit, so readers do not have to read the entire complaint to get the gist of it. We neither confirm nor deny the truth of this complaint, but are posting it because the public has a right to know about it. We are not witnesses to the reported incident in Pembroke Pines, a suburb in Broward County that lies between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The amendment by interlineation by Alan Elkins Esq. suggests that Kent Security of Palm Beach runs operations in Broward County for Kent Security as well. We plan on releasing more documents and information related to this case very soon.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kent of Naples d/b/a Kent Security Issued Another Notice of Hearing

[Note: Kent of Naples d/b/a Kent Security is owned and run by the same people who have a history of labor violations in Miami. While Kent may challenge the most recent decision by the Labor Board, the company is already on record settling twice since 2011 based on Labor Board complaints, as can be seen here and here. Moreover, Kent has agreed to modify its unlawful arbitration agreement, as can be seen here.]

The Labor Board apparently found Kent of Naples d/b/a Kent Security once again in breach of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and has issued yet another hearing notice for the company, as can be seen here. Notably, the Labor Board found Kent of Naples to engage in unlawful conduct and issued a hearing notice just eight months ago in our case, which brought about a settlement requiring Kent to post notices at gatehouses. This is reminiscent of the humiliation Kent endured in 2011 when some of their employees in Miami complained to the city, the Miami New Times, and to the Labor Board about unfair treatment and pay. Reportedly, Kent paid out big money to settle that legal mess. However, the company's conduct during that period has continued to plague it and its reputation in that county.

This also may be used legally in our case, as we continue to gain momentum and energy. We believe that there is a pattern of misconduct coming from Kent corporate in Miami. This misconduct has pushed us to expand our multimedia campaign and to build our following on social media. We continue to make important gains in the search engines, having virtually taken over the keywords "kent security naples" and now "kent security broward." We are also making progress in taking over the mega keyword "kent security" as well as the very important "kent security miami."

We also produced a few videos during the Fourth of July weekend, figuring that our opposition would be distracted and eating. Here is Ortiz v. Kent Security Miami, and here is Casadonte v. Kent Security Miami and Kent of Naples. Those are two Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases from 2009-2010. It seems in both cases Kent lost. We'll probably produce an in-depth video on how to file a FLSA complaint in the near future, given this history. We also want to publicize this to discourage this type of conduct in business.

Given that Kent of Naples has repeatedly been issued hearing notices, we'll be releasing a video soon instructing employees on how to file a claim with the Labor Board. The advantage current employees have is that the Labor Board is now well aware of the nasty attitude at the very top of that company. We are going to prove that the "little guy" has a voice and rights that cannot be violated with no consequence. We are going to make sure that the entire world knows what has been going on. The issue is bigger than the stupid paddles from the foolish supervisor, as well as the low-IQ district manager who was quoted by the Miami New Times and the biology major at corporate who couldn't fix the issue. The issue is Kent's tendency to double-down on each mistake and to trample on the rights of others so blatantly and recklessly. Yes, the retaliation is bad, but Kent's sheer stupidity while engaging in this type of conduct is even worse. It's like watching a video of a stupid criminal on one of those TV shows who can't help but get caught.

The real story here is the embarrassing conduct from Kent even as the entire community of South Florida is watching. We'll keep all of you updated on this circus act from the North Miami based company. The comedy and tragedy just do not end.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

We Have Surpassed 8,000 Twitter Followers

We have surpassed 8,000 Twitter followers. One notable aspect to our labor activism is the greater empathy and support we have received from the Berniecrats.

Bernie Sanders represents working-class Americans.

We aim to make our campaign a multimedia campaign, so we will be producing more videos. We are inspired by the growth of popularity of Bernie Sanders and by the spirit of his revolutionary movement. We believe, contrary to the fear-mongering of his benighted detractors, that he is a decent, honest New Dealer in modern form. Though Sanders is unlikely to be the next president, he has, similar to the Occupy movement, stimulated discussion about the growing wealth disparity and political corruption in the United States.

Our aim to foster better working conditions for Kent Security employees therefore aligns elegantly with the ideology of Sanders. 

Our growth also underscores the vulnerability of our opposition, of which we are acutely aware. It is our belief that our opposition is in an embarrassing hole from which it cannot get out. It is our hope that the primary owners will take note of this, since ultimately the responsibility lies on them to have competent people running the company. 

Regardless of the legal outcome, Kent Security has lost. Kent Security has lost because, bare minimum, it has been exposed as practicing very poor ethics towards employees. This is a very sad and pathetic predicament, since it should be a natural pleasure to take care of those who bring you good profits and a luxurious lifestyle. It's pathetic to see people running a company who lack this basic human capacity, as shown in the "Wall of Shame" scandal.

We'll keep our readers up-to-date on our legal maneuvers. We'll be posting updates now and then, based on what we are advised is acceptable to release.