Friday, June 17, 2016

On Business Ethics, Bernie Sanders, and the Free Market

We are determined to reach out to as many people as possible. While our online campaign for labor rights has been successful overall -- as is evidenced by our taking over of certain Google keywords -- we realize that there is room for improvement. Still, given that this blog is fairly young, it shouldn't be expected that huge results will take place so soon, especially since search engines value website age.

The fact is, we are willing to adapt to the reality of the situation we face and change our strategy at a moment's notice. What we are focused on, above all, is maximum effectiveness against a very weak and unprepared opposition that has already been found to engage in unlawful employment practices. That said, we will work, gradually, to improve the look of this blog and to network with as many people as possible, particularly within labor and certain political movements.

On the Bernie Sanders Phenomenon

We believe that there is a larger current taking place in this country of which we are merely an expression. We believe that it's no coincidence that our labor issue arose right at the time that consciousness began to grow nationwide about the diminishing status of the middle and working classes. The fact of the matter is, during this time that wealth inequality has grown, certain employers have become more abusive and callous toward workers. Some of these abuses have made headlines recently, such as poultry workers having to wear diapers and urinating and/or defecating on themselves because they are denied bathroom breaks, according to Oxfam, as well as our "Wall of Shame" scandal and the idiotic remarks by a couple of Kent Security executives over it.

The Revolution

The revolution of which we are a part seeks to bring dignity back into the workplace and have employees treated as human beings. We believe employers that treat employees like garbage and openly show their contempt for them should be exposed via social media and other channels. We believe that, just as technology can be used for harmful ends, it can also be used to spread awareness of unethical conduct to dissuade employers from engaging in it.

Transparency and the Free Market

We also believe our message of transparency is compatible with the ideals of a free market, notwithstanding our admiration for Bernie Sanders. We believe that companies that treat employees well and abide by the laws should be rewarded with acknowledgement and increased market share. To this end, we aim to correct some market inefficiencies by giving the general public insights on what some working-class Americans are experiencing on a daily basis. Regardless of one's ideological biases, humans generally share certain fundamental values hard-wired from evolution. As the spirit of humanity is to cooperate as much as it is to compete -- this is the reality, despite what some mind-blind social Darwinists want to believe -- we believe that our message will resonate with people all throughout the political spectrum.

Bernie Sanders quote on economic inequality.

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