Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kent Security vs. Miami New Times

We have to give Vimeo credit -- their quality tends to be superior to YouTube's, surprisingly. Perhaps that's because YouTube has considerably more traffic and has to preserve more space or bandwidth due to its costs. I have been won over by Vimeo, but YouTube can't be dismissed due to its wider reach, much vaster collection of videos, and because, well, it's owned by Google.

Anyway, here is the Vimeo version of the Kent Security vs. Miami New Times music video. We like the electronic music concept in our videos.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Attention Kent Security Employees

To All Kent Security Employees,

Our campaign, driven as of late by Operation Justice Optimized and powered by our Labor Board victory, has been extremely successful. Currently, we occupy (both our story and related cases) both "kent security naples" and "kent security broward" on Google. We are also prominent on the mega keyword "kent security."

In short, we are well into the phase of occupying Google. We have already successfully occupied Twitter, and to a lesser degree Facebook. We plan to continue our expansion. We are like a giant python squeezing at a juvenile donkey.

Operation Justice Optimized truly is labor activism brought into the Digital Age, led by deep immersion into the latest techniques of white-hat search engine optimization. We live and breathe the hopes and aspirations of the technological singularity. The 99 percent will assert its place at the table. We demand dignity for employees and accountability at Kent Security.

So how does this apply to you? You can share with your coworkers our victory through the Labor Board and encourage them, anonymously if they wish, to network with us. Or perhaps you can discreetly let colleagues know about our digital activism and about their rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

The fact of the matter is that we are winning. We are winning because our information is getting out there. So feel free to spread the knowledge and the lulz this summer.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Noam Chomsky on Existential Threats

Noam Chomsky spoke for the Massachussetts Peace Action in Cambridge, MA about a whole range of topics in an epic hour-and-a-half tour de force, discussing the dangers of nuclear weapons proliferation, man-made climate change, political and academic censorship, and economics, among other things. It's rare to see someone who can speak with authority on such a wide range of topics. Among the striking features of this noted intellectual are his calmness and poise, as well as his concern for the direction of humanity.

For an interesting perspective on how America's high-tech economy was funded by the taxpayers, skip to 46:30. Skip to 1:21:00 to listen to his powerful critique of modern libertarian thinking and how changes in the conception of human nature have shaped economics.

Kent Security employees may want to share this video and discuss it with one another in person, via text messaging, on Facebook, or by leading others to this page. It's important for employees to discuss and shape the corporate culture, and to ponder what roles they can play in making society as a whole better. We have to see our lives not as an end in themselves, but as a means to something much greater and more noble.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kent Security of Naples Notice of Hearing Video

This video is being posted because it concerns public safety and employee dignity. Feel free to share it with friends and coworkers. This video is brought in the spirit of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and is a tribute to arguably the best government agency -- the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). We've added electronic music for effect.

Labor Board Notice of Hearing

I will upload the files regarding the Labor Board's Notice of Hearing -- their decision, basically, preceding Kent Security's settlement and agreement to post notices at gatehouses in Naples stating they would not interfere with safety and discipline concerns brought by employees -- because they concern public safety and labor rights. Again, references to safety are made very clear at the bottom of page 2. In our view, this Notice of Hearing is very serious. There is a redaction on page 2 since the dispute is still pending.

Kent Security of Naples Notice of Hearing page 1.

Kent Security of Naples Notice of Hearing page 2.

Kent Security of Naples Notice of Hearing page 3.

Kent Security of Naples Notice of Hearing page 4.

Kent Security of Naples Notice of Hearing page 5.

Shelly Tygielski is on the Kent Security Notice of Hearing.

Friday, June 17, 2016

On Business Ethics, Bernie Sanders, and the Free Market

We are determined to reach out to as many people as possible. While our online campaign for labor rights has been successful overall -- as is evidenced by our taking over of certain Google keywords -- we realize that there is room for improvement. Still, given that this blog is fairly young, it shouldn't be expected that huge results will take place so soon, especially since search engines value website age.

The fact is, we are willing to adapt to the reality of the situation we face and change our strategy at a moment's notice. What we are focused on, above all, is maximum effectiveness against a very weak and unprepared opposition that has already been found to engage in unlawful employment practices. That said, we will work, gradually, to improve the look of this blog and to network with as many people as possible, particularly within labor and certain political movements.

On the Bernie Sanders Phenomenon

We believe that there is a larger current taking place in this country of which we are merely an expression. We believe that it's no coincidence that our labor issue arose right at the time that consciousness began to grow nationwide about the diminishing status of the middle and working classes. The fact of the matter is, during this time that wealth inequality has grown, certain employers have become more abusive and callous toward workers. Some of these abuses have made headlines recently, such as poultry workers having to wear diapers and urinating and/or defecating on themselves because they are denied bathroom breaks, according to Oxfam, as well as our "Wall of Shame" scandal and the idiotic remarks by a couple of Kent Security executives over it.

The Revolution

The revolution of which we are a part seeks to bring dignity back into the workplace and have employees treated as human beings. We believe employers that treat employees like garbage and openly show their contempt for them should be exposed via social media and other channels. We believe that, just as technology can be used for harmful ends, it can also be used to spread awareness of unethical conduct to dissuade employers from engaging in it.

Transparency and the Free Market

We also believe our message of transparency is compatible with the ideals of a free market, notwithstanding our admiration for Bernie Sanders. We believe that companies that treat employees well and abide by the laws should be rewarded with acknowledgement and increased market share. To this end, we aim to correct some market inefficiencies by giving the general public insights on what some working-class Americans are experiencing on a daily basis. Regardless of one's ideological biases, humans generally share certain fundamental values hard-wired from evolution. As the spirit of humanity is to cooperate as much as it is to compete -- this is the reality, despite what some mind-blind social Darwinists want to believe -- we believe that our message will resonate with people all throughout the political spectrum.

Bernie Sanders quote on economic inequality.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our Legal Team

Our side has been discussing strategy and we've decided to wait out the EEOC's investigation. We intend on hitting hard to seek justice in this newsworthy case.

I won't name names, but we've been encouraged by a number of lawyers along the way -- even those who have not taken our case have, in some cases, been cheering us on. What's interesting is that one lawyer in the area who works for businesses told me to find a lawyer in Miami -- even she felt that the story as reported by the media was horrific and "no one should go through it," and she deals with people like me while working for businesses. Other lawyers who would not take our case, perhaps because they were handling a bunch of other cases, were eager to have us talk to their friends or associates because they felt, I suspect, the story was unjust.

Still, the pro se win was largely accomplished by my efforts. However, I have to admit that a firm clued me in on the violation of the National Labor Relations Act. This firm, which I won't name and which didn't take my case, is I think one of the most talented, creative firms in Miami. Again, they expressed sympathy after seeing my story in the Miami New Times. I gave one of their lawyers major props after my pro se win.

Honestly, my respect for lawyers and the legal profession has gone through the roof, because I see the creativity needed to be a successful lawyer -- you have to get the facts of a case, beyond the emotion and the distortions, and see if they fit within the framework of a multitude of legal theories. You also have to be able to put yourself in the mind of a judge, jury, investigator, etc.

I also have come to see how subjective the application of law really is. You can have the most solid case and be told you have no case, and the converse is also true (like that idiot in California who sued a law school because she couldn't get a decent job after graduating from one). In the end, I think what will lead to my success is that most sensible people -- lawyers or not -- feel that the behavior of Kent Security is something they don't want in their community. In the end, these types of things set a precedent, and those in the legal profession do a great job of setting the boundaries within which we must behave on a daily basis. They are the reason for our civilization.

Most people don't want their kids, neighbors, or relatives exposed to the workplace behavior covered by the Miami New Times and Fox 4 in my story. This issue, as I have said repeatedly, is bigger than me. In a sense, we have already won, because other businesses will learn never, ever to engage in the embarrassing conduct shown by Kent of Naples. These businesses are also gleefully taking market share by avoiding that type of conduct. In the end, it is the wrongdoer rather than the whistleblower who should be blamed for such failure.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Kent Security Lawsuit in Broward over Alleged Mace Attack

This video is an extended version of the complaint of the alleged mace attack by a Kent Security officer in Pembroke Pines, a city between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, that a person claims left him or her with permanent injuries including vision loss. This is being posted because it involves public safety. We aren't saying if the allegation is true or not. In time more details may emerge. This is yet another Kent Security lawsuit.

Friday, June 3, 2016

We've Reached 7,000 Twitter Followers

So, we've reached 7,000 Twitter followers. Our growth has been such that I was debating whether or not to even mention this in my tweets, but decided to do so because we are soldiering on, gaining momentum from each success. Our goal is 50,000 followers, which I know can be reached in time. Notably, we have a very high rating on Twopcharts for the authenticity of our followers.

As for Operation Justice Optimized, we are going to dial up our message online. We will continue to experiment. We want to crank up the Moz rank (or page rank) of our social media accounts. As far as we are concerned, we've already achieved our aims and are in the bonus rounds.

Essentially, we are going to apply marketing principles to advance the cause of labor rights and employee dignity. Because of the fundamental moral and ethical legitimacy of our cause, we are unstoppable. Victory is assured.