Thursday, May 5, 2016

We're Keeping the High Moral Ground

Though it may be tempting to play dirty against a dirty opponent, we are mindful that legal experts and the public will be watching every word of ours very carefully. With this in mind, we like to remind ourselves of the cause we are fighting for, which is employee dignity and a harassment-free workplace.

At times it may appear that we are playing rough, and though it might turn some people off, it is precisely the mindset underlying the behavior that is needed to defeat the opponent we face. The fact is, we have brought results, such as a pro se win against a well-funded and repeat-offending opponent and over 6,000 followers on Twitter. You can't argue against results.

Our opponent is in a hole. Normally, people quietly face them through the courts, where they have an advantage due to their ability to hire decent lawyers and where rules of etiquette emphasize privacy. The problem with these rules of etiquette is that they slant the issue in favor of the employer, since the employer is well-funded, and, to a degree, the issue becomes diluted due to the technicalities inherent within the legal system as well as the particular attorney's abilities to navigate through the system. In short, while our system of justice is commendable, it's still slanted in favor of those with money. Add to this the fact that many victims will never report a crime or unlawful conduct and you have a system that is far from perfect.

Overall, we love our legal system, and it would be an honor to face our opponent in any manner through the courts. However, we believe that exposing the truth about our opponent publicly is the most effective way to bring justice, since justice is a concept that extends beyond the hallowed spaces of our legal system. Justice is a concept carried out by everyday people who learn about corporate misconduct. When people vote with their dollars in our capitalist market, they are carrying out justice.

This is exactly where our opponent fails. Our opponent has fought others playing by their set of rules, whereas we engage in asymmetrical warfare for the social good. Our opponent has no chance against us, because we believe in fundamental universal principles hard-wired into the human psyche. Our opponent has no counter-strategy to our publishing the truth about their behavior. This has not been done before by anyone against our opponent, as far as we can tell.

We look forward to engaging our opponent within the legal system. Sooner or later, it will happen.

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