Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Public Has Taken Our Side

In this dispute between common sense and Kent Security, the public has sided with us. The ball started rolling with the media coverage of abuses of guards by Kent Security's corporate office, and the comments on social media and various websites have generally been of shock that a company would allow the type of conduct reported. Amusingly, some commenters posited that the paddles were planted, given the absurdity of the situation. Other commenters -- and they are a minority -- who are not too bright argue that it was "just a joke and to get a life." What these commenters don't realize is that by admitting that the paddles existed in the first place they are acknowledging the basic illegality of the situation, since most normal people find this to be highly offensive and degrading. Moreover, punishing people because they are offended by something at the workplace that normal, rational people find offensive violates the National Labor Relations Act. The minority of idiots are checkmated by their own arguments.

There's another problem that needs to be addressed, and that's the hypocrisy of some of the well-to-do residents who have totally excused the inexcusable. Fortunately, the public has already sided with us, so we aren't too bothered by these people. The hypocrisy of their stance is clear. These well-to-do suburbanites would never allow a "Wall of Shame" in their workplace with their name plastered for all to see. They would never allow -- even jokingly -- giant paddles to be placed with threats written on them at work. They would never allow this to be done to their grandkids or families.

Implicit in this idea is that security officers -- who are blue-collar workers -- have less rights than they have, that they are less human than they are, that because they are generally less educated and less well-paid than they are they don't deserve the same level of respect.

But again, there is karma in this world, a force of justice that works beyond our individual blindspots and biases. We believe that one way or another justice will come, and it may come in ways and at a time we can't foresee.

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