Thursday, May 26, 2016

We Have Begun FOIA Requests

We are beginning our FOIA requests as we work on building our case against Kent Security of North Miami. We are also simultaneously expanding our internet presence.

We look forward to finding out what these requests will reveal.

Honestly, there is some entertainment and educational value from this project, as it has helped spur our interest in online activism and how the internet actually works.

Should the NLRB decide against Kent of Naples d/b/a Kent Security once again, a wave of publicity is sure to result. We are concerned over what we believe to be a long-term pattern of misconduct. This is particularly egregious coming from a security company, since security companies are supposed to uphold a higher ethical standard in our communities, according to Florida statutes.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Message to Alan Elkins

I don't know if Mr. Elkins, who is prosecuting the case for the victim of the alleged mace attack by a Kent Security officer in Pembroke Pines, cares about what I have to say, but I certainly care about his case, since the incident supposedly occurred so soon after the whistleblower case of Jefferson Lopez in Miami, and just months before I brought public safety concerns to Kent Security corporate in North Miami.

All of these cases are related, in my humble opinion, because they involve a relatively small company of probably less than 2,000 employees. In my view, having three such public safety complaints -- Lopez, the alleged mace attack, and mine -- possibly points to a pattern of conduct.

Notably, in the notice Kent of Naples agreed to post up, Kent was obligated to agree not to interfere with safety concerns brought by employees.

Kent Security Notice of NLRA Rights of employees with Gil Neuman signature.

Though the signature of the CEO is bombastic, he was either afraid or unwilling to confront the unruly district manager of the Naples district.

The reference to safety is right there for you or the presiding judge or jury in your case to see.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our Goals

In a nutshell, our goals are as follows:

(1) To discourage workplace retaliation. The big problem facing Kent Security is that people in the company let the power get to their heads, which in and of itself shows poor leadership. What adds to this problem is the fact that people are grabbed practically off the street and given positions of power without a thorough background check or with a background unrelated to security.

For example, Kent Security has a tendency to hire people from the property management industry, believing that such candidates can cross over into security. This notion is absurd. Security and property management are two very different areas of expertise, like nursing and surgery. This is not a matter of education or intellect. People from property management don't view problems the same way as relatively less educated security guards who, though generally less educated, have a more focused perspective on security due to their training and background (this is a generalization, as some security guards can be very educated). Moreover, those from the property management industry may look down on their less educated security counterparts, preventing them from using the wealth of experience security officers have to offer. The same is true of a person grabbed from the military and thrown into the security field, though there is more in common between the military and security than property management and security.

When there is a disparity of knowledge between those grabbed from the street or from a social circle and given positions of power and humble security officers, those in power may feel an instinctual urge to annihilate those of the other group to demonstrate their power or authority. When the former are actually less intelligent and less informed than the latter, they may find themselves on the news and laughed at by the public.

The problem of the wrong people placed into the levers of power goes all the way to the top of the company, where such property management people can be found. Though top executives are blind to this, everyone else sees how laughable the situation actually is. The company might as well have reps walk into South Beach nightclubs and randomly pick people to run the company based on their peacocking attire.

(2) To bring about accountability. Those who have engaged in retaliatory conduct need to be held accountable. This blog and our other campaigns aim to speed up the process. It's not fair that lower-level employees get all of the blame when things go wrong. The fact that the company has been negatively portrayed on the news and the executives responsible for it have gone unpunished is proof that privilege exists. There is privilege in our society. Deal with it if it hurts your feelings.

(3) To encourage workplace democracy. Of course all businesses must have a hierarchy. Some must have more power than others based on knowledge, experience, or other factors. But power isn't something to use arbitrarily for a temporary ego boost. These individuals have bad karma, and we aim to assist this karmic force to completion. Those who have a say in the business are more likely to be loyal and bring a company a good name. It's the right thing to do, regardless.

(4) To encourage public safety. We are concerned over the pattern of conduct shown by Kent Security in our case and in others. For this reason we have reported the company to the authorities, and intend on reaching out to other influential people of South Florida.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our Direction

Our growth, as we have pointed out, has been exponential. Currently, we are beta testing some projects to see how some of the internet algorithms work, and we feel time is on our side. We are getting more skilled at employing the tools available for the purposes of labor activism online.

Our main Twitter account has been dancing around Google, which tells us we are on the right track. It has been rising in rank surprisingly well, along with the news regarding our case and related cases.

Because our growth has been such a success, we may branch out to address other social justice causes that deserve attention. With such growth comes social responsibility. Our audience must not be taken for granted.

At this point, it is irrelevant if our opposition ignores us. Google does not ignore us. The world is bigger than our opposition.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

We're Keeping the High Moral Ground

Though it may be tempting to play dirty against a dirty opponent, we are mindful that legal experts and the public will be watching every word of ours very carefully. With this in mind, we like to remind ourselves of the cause we are fighting for, which is employee dignity and a harassment-free workplace.

At times it may appear that we are playing rough, and though it might turn some people off, it is precisely the mindset underlying the behavior that is needed to defeat the opponent we face. The fact is, we have brought results, such as a pro se win against a well-funded and repeat-offending opponent and over 6,000 followers on Twitter. You can't argue against results.

Our opponent is in a hole. Normally, people quietly face them through the courts, where they have an advantage due to their ability to hire decent lawyers and where rules of etiquette emphasize privacy. The problem with these rules of etiquette is that they slant the issue in favor of the employer, since the employer is well-funded, and, to a degree, the issue becomes diluted due to the technicalities inherent within the legal system as well as the particular attorney's abilities to navigate through the system. In short, while our system of justice is commendable, it's still slanted in favor of those with money. Add to this the fact that many victims will never report a crime or unlawful conduct and you have a system that is far from perfect.

Overall, we love our legal system, and it would be an honor to face our opponent in any manner through the courts. However, we believe that exposing the truth about our opponent publicly is the most effective way to bring justice, since justice is a concept that extends beyond the hallowed spaces of our legal system. Justice is a concept carried out by everyday people who learn about corporate misconduct. When people vote with their dollars in our capitalist market, they are carrying out justice.

This is exactly where our opponent fails. Our opponent has fought others playing by their set of rules, whereas we engage in asymmetrical warfare for the social good. Our opponent has no chance against us, because we believe in fundamental universal principles hard-wired into the human psyche. Our opponent has no counter-strategy to our publishing the truth about their behavior. This has not been done before by anyone against our opponent, as far as we can tell.

We look forward to engaging our opponent within the legal system. Sooner or later, it will happen.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Alleged Kent Security Mace Attack Reportedly Leaves Person Partially Blinded

Here are photos of the complaint regarding the alleged mace attack by a Kent Security officer in Pembroke Pines that are clear for readers. The juicy stuff is on page 2. 

To clarify, there is a public safety component to our case that we have not publicized, but it is worth noting that the Labor Board appears concerned about Kent Security's retaliatory conduct toward employee safety concerns, as is shown in both the Notice posted at gatehouses as well as the Notice of Hearing. We therefore are very concerned about the allegation in this particular lawsuit, since it involves public safety. We neither confirm nor deny the truth of this allegation but feel the public has a right to know about it.

Kent Security lawsuit over alleged mace attack page 1.

Kent Security lawsuit over alleged mace attack page 2.

Kent Security lawsuit over alleged mace attack page 3.

Kent Security lawsuit over alleged mace attack page 4.

Kent Security lawsuit over alleged mace attack page 5.

Person Alleges Kent Security Officer Maced and Partially Blinded Them

We were hesitant to post up this report until we ran it by a couple of lawyers and we've been informed we have a right to post this due to our public safety concerns. We'll also be in contact with authorities regarding this matter. We're not saying the report is true or false; we are merely reporting what has been alleged. We regard this as a very serious matter of public concern. This lawsuit is currently pending.

Notably, the National Labor Relations Board expressed concern about Kent's attitude on public safety while reviewing our case.

Here is the video slideshow from our Facebook page.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Public Has Taken Our Side

In this dispute between common sense and Kent Security, the public has sided with us. The ball started rolling with the media coverage of abuses of guards by Kent Security's corporate office, and the comments on social media and various websites have generally been of shock that a company would allow the type of conduct reported. Amusingly, some commenters posited that the paddles were planted, given the absurdity of the situation. Other commenters -- and they are a minority -- who are not too bright argue that it was "just a joke and to get a life." What these commenters don't realize is that by admitting that the paddles existed in the first place they are acknowledging the basic illegality of the situation, since most normal people find this to be highly offensive and degrading. Moreover, punishing people because they are offended by something at the workplace that normal, rational people find offensive violates the National Labor Relations Act. The minority of idiots are checkmated by their own arguments.

There's another problem that needs to be addressed, and that's the hypocrisy of some of the well-to-do residents who have totally excused the inexcusable. Fortunately, the public has already sided with us, so we aren't too bothered by these people. The hypocrisy of their stance is clear. These well-to-do suburbanites would never allow a "Wall of Shame" in their workplace with their name plastered for all to see. They would never allow -- even jokingly -- giant paddles to be placed with threats written on them at work. They would never allow this to be done to their grandkids or families.

Implicit in this idea is that security officers -- who are blue-collar workers -- have less rights than they have, that they are less human than they are, that because they are generally less educated and less well-paid than they are they don't deserve the same level of respect.

But again, there is karma in this world, a force of justice that works beyond our individual blindspots and biases. We believe that one way or another justice will come, and it may come in ways and at a time we can't foresee.