Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kent Security of Naples Repeatedly Sues Former Clients

Kent Security of Naples has a history of suing former clients, as can be seen below. We know one of the primary methods for the company to sue former clients is by claiming it has been damaged by their retaining of former company security officers in violation of contractual terms. While I'm no lawyer, it is my understanding that Florida enforces these agreements more than other states, such as California.

What I find odd is that the Kent Security business model appears to hinge on high turnover, as was my experience in Naples, given that the reported wages for Kent Security officers -- going by my experience and the experiences of others on review websites like Glassdoor -- are relatively low in the industry. The number of operations managers and road supervisors in Naples in the last few years is likely in the dozens. Yet, despite the company's encouragement of turnover, it turns around and claims to be damaged by former clients when they retain guards. In my humble view, this is a pretext to pad up the company's revenues, given how inconsistent these actions are. If the company had relatively little turnover in the industry and provided special training to the employees above the very basics in the industry, then it might have an ethical justification for suing former clients that retain guards, in my view. I realize, though, that legal technicalities and ethics are two separate things. Again, it seems many states are now in agreement with what I just wrote, so this is not a controversial position at all. A cursory review reveals that some states have made restrictive covenants in employment contracts unenforceable except in very limited occasions.

It just seems, the lower the pay of employees and the higher the turnover in an industry, restrictive covenants in employment should be looked at more skeptically, given that they impede competition in the market and individual freedom. Anyway, regardless of how one may feel about such employment restrictions, any company with a history of suing former clients is eventually going to hit a wall.

Here is evidence of Kent Security suing former clients in Naples. At least one of these is confirmed to be due to the former client allegedly retaining guards.

Kent Security Naples laughably sues former client.
Kent Security of Naples suing Kensington Park Master Association

Kent Security Naples ridiculously sues former clients.
Kent Security Naples v. South Seas Club

Kent Security Naples is litigious.
Kent Security Naples sued South Seas Club

Kent Security Naples bitterly sues former client.
Kent Security Naples sued Reflection Isles Master Association

Proof Kent Security Naples sues former clients.
Evidence showing Reflection was previous Kent Security Naples client

Friday, December 23, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Statement About Our Motives

As we head into the holidays, I just want to say that it is not our goal to engage in our online campaign simply to hurt people. Like a parent, I feel bad having to punish a recalcitrant child. However, this was absolutely needed.

We will challenge Kent Security legally and it is our aim to have the case judged purely on its merits. Regardless of the outcome, we will likely remove all of our online truth-telling eventually. The reason for this is because we don't want to hurt the primary owners and the employees. It is not our aim to have any material gain from this whatsoever. I would have preferred that none of this ever occurred from the beginning.

However, at some point, online activism is necessary. Because rights can be eroded at any time, it is important to continually fight for them. Undoubtedly, many security officers are more aware of their rights due to our activism, both online and offline.

Ultimately, we would like to make peace with the owners of Kent Security. However, we feel the CEO has let the company down and failed to protect the company from this angle of attack, which in hindsight was totally preventable. This should be seen not so much as a malicious attack from a disgruntled employee as the CEO's failure to protect the family name and business. Sooner or later, the company was bound to face this type of attack, given that the internet is a primary means of information and communication today, and given the CEO's misconduct according to public records.

We will have more to say on this in the future.

Addendum: It's obvious the CEO is bankrolled above him, as his litigious nature is counterproductive for any business, especially from a public relations standpoint. The Hurley fiasco cost $250,000 -- virtually all non-recoverable, most likely -- and would have cost over $1 million had the jury verdict not been reversed. As a matter of opinion, the litigious record is devastating for any CEO. It just vaporizes any credibility of the face of the company. The "Wall of Shame" scandal likewise has damaged the image of the company, hurting the other owners of the company who had no direct involvement in the situation.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Who Is Leonardo Canton, Esq.?

There is a new lawsuit against Kent Security Services in Miami alleging that a woman slipped and injured herself due to a puddle of oil in a location where the company provided valet services, and the lawyer who has filed the suit is Leonardo Canton. In this lawsuit, Kent Security Services is accused of breaching its duty of care. I can't say anything about the merits of this case, though I found some interesting things online about this attorney.

Mr. Canton was in the news back in 2010 for filing a lawsuit seeking $60 million on behalf of Cuban doctors and medics who were allegedly forced to work against their will for the Venezuelan government in a supposed "oil for manpower" deal between dictator Fidel Castro and president Hugo Chavez. At the time, Mr. Canton seemed optimistic about the outcome. I am curious how this lawsuit went, since it seems to me, as a layman, that filing a lawsuit against a sovereign nation would present major challenges, especially in terms of getting compensated even assuming the legal decision goes in your favor.

It will also be interesting to see how his lawsuit goes against Kent Security Services and the Four Ambassadors Association.

Update: Here is the video we made on the lawsuit, which is clearly of public interest as it deals with public safety.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Video of Gil Neuman's Court Sanctions

We made a video of Kent Security CEO Gil Neuman's court sanctions. As far as we are concerned, anyone who is suing or considering suing Kent Security should be aware of the CEO's past misconduct according to the public record. This is being posted because we are fighting back against corporate abuses against the working class.

We know some security officers accept the disrespect directed at them, and may disagree with our legal challenges against this company, but ironically it is people like them who get the most disrespect from egotistical executives who look at them as animals worthy only of generating profits. The minority of officers who have opposed us from the beginning only reinforce the negative stereotypes of being uneducated and/or unintelligent, whereas we affirm that security officers deserve the rights everyone else in society takes for granted. Sure, you can argue that it's best to just move on, but if everyone had that attitude, there would never be any laws whatsoever to protect workers. You could even use the same arguments against the Founding Fathers who fought against incredible odds for independence from the British Empire, and in that case there were actually many self-serving supporters of the British crown. At some point people have to act on principle even if more pragmatic-minded people disagree -- and at the end of the day, it is not the pragmatists who make history or challenge social norms anyway, making life better for future generations.

As far as arguments that this entire First Amendment exercise is self-serving: just try that against us again. We anticipate another embarrassing loss with such feeble excuses for corporate misconduct. Try the self-serving argument again. We could use more laughs. This is like a slow running back continually getting hammered by a 300 lb. defensive tackle for losses and refusing to practice to improve his sprinting speed or agility, or maneuvers.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kent Security CEO Gil Neuman Sanctioned Twice by Courts

We discovered upon our investigation of Kent Security's litigious CEO Gil Neuman that he has been sanctioned not once, but twice by a court. This is yet another scandal that is sure to rock the Miami-based company, perhaps triggering a flurry of emails between the beta male CEO known for his chronic paper-shuffling and his attorneys. Presumably, the CEO thinks he's a real tough guy with his paper battle against us and others, since he was unwilling to face us directly. We know a beta when we see one. The Labor Board decision that went in our favor, forcing the CEO to sign notices to be posted at gatehouses in Naples, shows just how meek he actually is.

We take no stance on the squabble between Gil Neuman and Michael Weiss of Response Datacom, though we find it funny that the court ordered the CEO to submissively hand over $7K in attorney's fees to Mr. Weiss. Notably, the case was dismissed with prejudice. The proper jurisdiction of the dispute appears to be New York, and the defendant of this case is under the belief that the purpose of the lawsuit in Miami, described as "frivolous," was to jack up legal costs to force a settlement in New York. Again, we take no stand on these claims, though we watch with amusement.

This unflattering history of Kent Security's CEO raises a number of unanswered questions we will ponder on this blog in future posts. Will he attempt the same tricks with us? We are expecting it. Contrary to what he thinks, his moves are very predictable just by looking at his litigious history. Our read is that we are facing a very weak opponent.

Here is the latest sanction.

CEO Gil Neuman of Kent Security sanctioned by court again!
Kent Security and Gil Neuman sanctioned by court

Michael Weiss Embarrasses Gil Neuman in Miami.

Kent Security v. Response Datacom.

Lawsuit Against Response Datacom.

Neuman v. Weiss

Previously, Gil Neuman and Kent Security had been sanctioned after being sued by Leslie Langein, who represented them in the previous pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, and were forced to pay $700 as a result.

Gil Neuman, the CEO of Kent Security Miami, was sanctioned in court.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Kent Security Broward Negligence Lawsuit!

There is now a new Kent Security negligence lawsuit in Broward County. We take no stance on the merits of the complaint, though we are publishing it because it is clearly of public interest.

The plaintiff alleges she was riding her bike and exiting a Century Village in Deerfield Beach when a gate arm crashed down on her causing significant physical and mental injuries. Allegedly, Kent Security was in charge of security in the condominium subdivision. While we don't know the plaintiff and won't take sides in this dispute, we hope she makes a full recovery and wish her well. Safety for those who use bicycles should be a priority in the state.

Having looked at the complaint and the other documents on the case, it is my opinion that the plaintiff has a very skilled and aggressive attorney -- Kenneth Segal. He has an office in Coral Springs, FL, and has been an attorney for over 20 years. Like Alan Elkins, he is doing a noble job in Broward County by defending those who suffer personal injuries caused by other parties. Our society should absolutely recognize when attorneys defend the little guy and fight for justice, and do away with the callous lawyer jokes. People like Richard Celler, Alan Elkins, and Kenneth Segal deserve more credit than what is already given to them. They are among the heroes of our society.

Here is the complaint.

New Kent Security Broward lawsuit.

Kent Security Services sued again.

Kent Security negligence lawsuit scandal.

Broward attorney fights Kent Security.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Chomsky Sunday

Here is Noam Chomsky on the rise of Trump. While Tea Party Republicans are likely to be butt-hurt by his comments, he is correct about Trump's intellectual inconsistencies. Chomsky also expresses concern about the growing tensions between NATO and Russia. He is correct that this poses an existential threat to humanity, especially the nations along Russia's border.

I'd add that if there's one lesson the left can learn from its loss in this election, it is that political correctness is a dead end. Safe spaces at college campuses richly deserve ridicule. The nation's overwhelming rejection of sensitivity politics shows that it is a liability in the end. The left should go back to the drawing board and develop more intellectually rigorous and consistent positions. Frankly, it shouldn't be hard to defeat a group of people that rejects evolution and still believes marijuana is as dangerous as crack.

Where I differ from the alt-right is that I believe their views are becoming mainstream and commonplace, and that the time to criticize political correctness was 15 years ago when it was less fashionable and personally riskier. The alt-right, amorphous as it is, will probably end up with the same fate as the vapid ideology it seeks to crush. There is hardly any innovation in the mainstream.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Two Salespeople Sued Kent Security Services Miami

It was a mammoth task to compile the documents of these two lawsuits by salespeople who worked for Kent Security Services Inc., one of whom claimed to have been stiffed. We didn't see the details of the case from Texas, but the cases appear to be similar given that the two people suing held similar positions and sued within an 18 month span of time.

This is yet another scandal to rock the Miami-based company, and a clear picture of the company's modus operandi is starting to emerge. At first, the company may seem complicated, but the picture becomes clearer once you look at the company's history and find what all of these cases have in common. Everything is seemingly reduced to numbers, but it is our goal to humanize the workforce and become the monkey wrench that hobbles this amoral machine.

The company's behavior is disgusting. But you don't have to hear me say it: just pore through the documents. It is my belief that wealth can be attained without this type of conduct. Granted, the company may win a case on occasion, so I'm referring to the general tone of these lawsuits (all of those we have posted, as well as others). In my humble view, given all of these lawsuits, the company's awards should be stripped by all organizations in South Florida. This is a case study of a company utterly lacking social responsibility.

Here is the video of these scandalous lawsuits from 2013 and 2014.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Richard Celler v. Thomas Groendyke

As we've pointed out on this blog, Kent Security, represented by Thomas Groendyke, is now dealing with Broward County's best employment lawyer in the latest pregnancy discrimination scandal -- Richard Celler. Because I don't know the alleged victim, I can't say anything about the merits of the case, though I think most rational people would be disturbed by the allegations in the complaint. The allegations are clearly of public interest, which is why we have posted them.

Not surprisingly, Kent Security has filed a motion to move the case from the courtroom to arbitration, where generally the proceedings occur behind closed doors and out of the view of the public. In my humble view, regardless of the legal precedents supporting arbitration, a free market would force greater transparency on the process. In any case, as we've pointed out previously, arbitration is not the get out of jail free card that some employers believe it to be. Karma is a force that operates beyond the short-sighted machinations of corporate America.

If it were up to me, arbitration would be more open and transparent, with possibly livestreaming for the entire world to watch. In such a scenario, where the laws are not subverted in vain attempts at moral purity, perhaps in places such as Las Vegas, rooms could be set up at casinos for bookmakers to allow bets to be made on which party will prevail. Sure, fierce objections would be made, especially in the Bible Belt by unreconstructed Trumpets, but is this idea any more abhorrent than non-public proceedings that allow companies such as Wells Fargo to fraudulently open bank accounts in people's names for years?

Las Vegas at night.
Las Vegas

Again, I can't take a stand on this particular legal battle, but if this scenario of transparency were in place, I'd be tempted to back up the truck and go all-in with as much cash as I can grab for Celler in his battle against Kent Security, especially with its recent humiliating loss against a pro se party in Naples.

Nice tractor trailer.

Celler is a guy who won over $1 million in a jury trial -- a true test of skill -- against Kent Security, with the result that Kent Security appears paranoid about ever having to deal with a jury again. Kent Security is now being hounded by the National Labor Relations Board over its class-action waiver, which Frank Henry is now busy trying to defend. Kent Security got very lucky by the appeal that went in its favor in March 2014 against Celler. Regardless, Kent Security is now a sitting duck for all South Florida attorneys looking for a challenge, arbitration or not. At the end of the day, paper-shuffling, especially behind closed doors, is not a real fight. Toughness is not "fighting every case all the way," but rather treating employees with dignity and preventing, as much as possible, legal disputes from arising in the first place. A real man simply avoids this public relations nightmare.

Robots will replace lawyers.
Robots will replace lawyers

I suspect, possibly in my lifetime, lawyers will be replaced by artificially intelligent robots. In this scenario, corporations might produce proprietary software to argue their cases to a neutral government supercomputer. I can only imagine that a society this advanced would have evolved away from ubiquitous non-transparent arbitration proceedings, such as those favored by Kent Security and Wells Fargo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Frank Henry's Bizarre Messages

So Kent Security's lawyer Frank Henry left me bizarre messages this week. The messages were so bizarre that I don't even think a superintelligent alien species would be able to crack them. Needless to say, our side is too busy to play into these games. Literally, my attorney is too busy probably handling other cases, and I'm too busy trying to figure out how on earth a company, any company, can find itself sued repeatedly by pregnant women.

If it was an attempt to intimidate me, I must say the call and email made me laugh. Only a beta male would figure something like this would actually intimidate people, and project that mindset onto others. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that a company being sued by a formerly pregnant employee would think something so weak might intimidate someone.

Our opposition simply has not come to terms with the fact that we stand for the rights and dignity of employees. They are so fixated on making profits that they cannot process that some people believe and act on principle.

So you want my attention, Mr. Henry? OK. You got it. But you left my attorney and me very unimpressed, to say the least. It looks as if you guys are a little nervous, if you want my blunt take. Our side is 100% Sandernista -- we are the working class with nothing to lose but our chains. We demand that workers be treated with dignity and respect. It's that simple, even if you can't accept it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kent Security of Naples Broke the Law

We made another video to remind Kent Security employees of their National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) rights, given the chronic turnover in the company.

We also plan to disseminate a new batch of videos this holiday season. We've been very busy with more productive things, but we still feel this serves the public and provides some laughs. We intend on keeping all of our social media accounts updated with fresh content.

We've also personalized our YouTube channel to make it more attractive and user-friendly.

Our warning to our opposition is that every scenario has been wargamed. In fact, Groendyke's feeble final statement was one of the scenarios we thought possible during the NLRB's investigation, though we felt it would be a suboptimal path. Not surprisingly, the case was lost by Kent Security. Kent Security should have focused instead on the technicality of whether I was classified as a "supervisor" by statute -- what's done is done, however. Questioning the motives of a person is almost always a suboptimal route -- you don't even need to be a lawyer to figure that out. You might as well wear a hat with the word "idiot" emblazoned on it. Then again, the fact that I'm still here exercising my free speech is proof of the failure of the opposition.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mace Attack Lawsuit Correction

In the mace attack lawsuit against Kent Security Services Inc., there appears to be a dispute regarding the proper name of the defendant. The amendment by interlineation by the plaintiff's counsel appears to be an attempt to name the defendant as Kent Security Services Inc., whereas Kent Security appears to prefer Kent Security of Palm Beach Inc. for this specific case, based on an objection that has been filed.

Kent Security mace attack lawsuit objection.

We never claimed to be perfect, though admittedly the myriad names and subsidiaries used by Kent Security have drawn the attention of the Labor Board in their investigation of the company. As a matter of opinion, it seems odd that a company with about 1,500 employees, equivalent to the size of a high school, would need so many names.

On the surface, it looks as an attempt to obfuscate matters when under investigation or review. In any case, all of these names have served to bring more attention to this company. In the age of the internet, no company is safe trying to hide under many different names. From my own experience as a former road supervisor, it was well-known that this is a small company operating as "Kent Security." Then again, it's not up to me to decide the proper name of the defendant, nor is it particularly substantial in the grand scheme of things.

As an update, as noted on my other blog, it looks like Kent Security was offered a settlement proposal. It will be interesting if they accept.

Kent Security Palm Beach Afraid of Jury Trial

Not surprisingly, the defendant Kent Security of Palm Beach, represented by Thomas Groendyke, has filed a motion to compel the latest pregnancy discrimination case to arbitration. Kent Security has done this before in a Miami whistleblower case, and we wouldn't be shocked if this is attempted with us. I'll give a brief analysis of this as a layperson.

Richard Celler, who defeated Kent Security in front of a jury of peers in the Pat Hurley case (though the jury decision was overturned on an appeal in March 2014, like a hail Mary that occasionally works in football), is a vicious bobcat. Celler is representing the plaintiff. By contrast, Groendyke, from our experience, is a domesticated cat, albeit experienced.

What we see here is Kent Security trying to scratch its way out of the cage that allows for a jury trial while facing the bobcat and trying to take the dispute into an arena that limits potential liability. Kent Security is basically scared, though they would never admit to it. They are absolutely terrified of a repeat of the Hurley fiasco (with legal costs that reached a quarter of a million dollars). This is why they are in their predicament with the National Labor Relations Board, having to defend their mandatory arbitration provision that includes a class-action waiver. Amusingly, Kent Security has only drawn more attention to itself by pretending they are tough with their chronic paper-shuffling, like a tatted prole who pretends to be hard by listening to Avenged Sevenfold. 

While Kent Security may believe arbitration absolutely covers them, we have shown this is untrue. Many lawyers will still file a lawsuit, allowing the complaints to be seen by the public. Furthermore, as more companies try to compel arbitration, the cost of arbitrating is skyrocketing for companies -- we have spoken to lawyers who have broken this down for us. A discrimination case, especially a very complex one, can reach as high as $300,000 in cost in arbitration. Moreover, companies that attempt to undermine the legal channels of employees are also likely to meet a more ferocious response via social media. The bottom line: resistance against labor rights is futile. It's all a wash. 

Here are the new documents on the pregnancy discrimination case.

Kent Security motion to arbitrate dispute.

Kent Security wants arbitration.

Kent Security of Palm Beach wants to compel arbitration.

Richard Celler fights Kent Security again.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Bright Side

Florida now has effectively legalized medicinal marijuana. This is important because cannabis has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, and possibly has coevolved with humans for that specific purpose, given selective cultivation by humans. The next step is full-blown legalization, which more states have voted to support, so that we can end the imprisoning of millions of Americans for a victimless act and relieve the courts of their burdens.

Also, as I pointed out before, the Clintons have sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths can put on a good face for the public, yet still do plenty of damage behind the scenes. I tend to think where there's smoke there's fire, and with Wikileaks revealing what they have, it looks like the crimes of this family have been covered up for political reasons.

Another potential positive is that relations with Russia will warm up. This would be a good thing, since Russia is a nuclear power with the capability of destroying any nation on the planet if it so desires. There are no winners with nuclear war, contrary to what some politicians think. My guess is that Trump has serious backers in the Deep State who understand this. The fight for positioning in the Middle East will continue, but hopefully we will join forces with Russia to destroy ISIS. There is no point in toppling secular leaders in that part of the world -- this is a stupid neocon idea that simply will endanger everyone, including Israel.

Hopefully Trump will not trample on worker rights. His opposition to "free trade" could bode well for American workers, given that third-world wages drive down the wages in this country. We'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Most Fruitful Yuki v. Kent Security

It turns out there is a pregnant superhero with a cult following named Most Fruitful Yuki. We think she's tougher than her opposition.

This video is made purely for entertainment and simply aims to address worker rights. We do not suggest that Yuki actually exists or is in some interdimensional cosmic battle against a corporation.

Friday, October 28, 2016

An Anecdote

Today I called up a good friend I used to supervise at Kent Security of Naples and explained that there is a copycat effect due to my online and real-world labor activism -- contrary to what Groendyke feebly claimed in his final statement, this is activism and evidently people are taking action -- and he told me at the new security company he's working for he met a Black dude who also worked for Kent Security and knows me, and the discussion provoked laughter -- the word "Kent" alone made the former employee laugh.

Kent Security of Naples is now known as a big joke in this part of Florida. I'm very happy that I have made people laugh, and I'm especially thrilled at the support I have gotten from African-Americans. I love it and I have their backs. I also have the backs of the Tea Party types in this part of Florida, even if they have allowed themselves to fall for the propaganda of Fox News that asserts companies like Kent Security don't need regulations to behave themselves: what this blog points out is that absent an external force, the market alone does not persuade companies to behave ethically. This is common sense.

By universal standards, Kent Security is a law-breaker. It's self-evident in the laughter provoked by people who may or may not fully understand the subtleties of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). It's truth that we all know -- truth that is obvious.

New Miami Labor Charge Against Kent Security

A new charge has been filed against Kent Security of Miami through the Labor Board. I was semi-retired from this operation, letting it go on auto-pilot in the search engines, but the social good requires me to update this blog now and then. I'm not doing this for me or to get off on bashing this company with so many legal scandals, though it has served the purpose of bringing laughs this past summer (and the laughs literally started during my communications with the Miami New Times), but rather so people are informed of their rights in the workplace.

Here is the new charge:

Kent Security Miami accused of labor violation.

This also illustrates that people are listening to us and we are having an effect. Our online activism is working. We are winning.

But again, it's not like we are facing Putin or the KGB -- this is a sloppy, pathetic organization with a history of fighting pregnant women, despite its military pretensions. It's time for bigger challenges in life. Beating Kent Security legally is like beating the first level of Super Mario Bros. as a kid. 

We'll provide updates now and then, including on the legal action we will be taking against the company. The legal action we will be taking will be purely for the social good, as money is not nor ever will be our primary concern. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Video of White Supremacist Kent Security Hired

Here is a video of the White Supremacist Kent Security of Naples hired to manage over 100 people over a nine month period.

Please share this video with everyone you know.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kent Security of Naples Hired White Supremacist Manager

We've been sitting on bombshell information, but decided, given that Kent Security is fighting with the Labor Board over its controversial class-action waiver, that we should release this right now.

In April 2015, Kent Security of Naples hired a White Supremacist operations manager to be in charge of over 100 employees of diverse backgrounds and races. As operations manager, he had the ability to hire, fire, and interview employees. I have the screenshots of his racist postings, some of which were deleted by him but I managed to capture them before they were deleted. He no longer works for Kent Security, but he managed the Naples district for nine months, according to his Linkedin profile below.

Here are the photos as evidence:

Kent Security manager supports white power.

Here is a close-up of the "White Power" logo:

Kent Security manager white power logo.

Here is one of the photos that disturbed the local NAACP as well as the Labor Board investigator of our case:

Kent Security manager calls Blacks monkeys.

Here the former Kent Security of Naples manager refers to Blacks as "monkeys":

Racist Kent Security of Naples manager.

Here is a close-up of that slur comparing African Americans to animals: 

Kent Security of Naples manager gives racial slur on Facebook.

Here the same former Kent Security of Naples operations manager launches an attack against Middle Easterners:

Kent Security of Naples racist Ops Manager.

Here is another close-up of the slur, once against comparing or associating people of a particular racial or ethnic group with animals:

Another Kent Security Naples manager racial slur.

Here is an attack on Muslim Americans:

Kent Security Naples Bias Against Muslims.

Here is the bizarre interpretation of victimhood from the same operations manager who unfairly replaced a female who actually tried to promote minorities:

Kent Security Naples White Supremacy.

Here is more proof this guy was hired by Kent Security of Naples:

Kent Security Naples racist operations manager.

Here is a close-up from his Linkedin: 

Kent Security race problem.

Needless to say, Kent Security was already accused of mistreating employees before this fool was hired. Kent Security already had been on the news over unsavory conduct at the Kensington Golf and Country Club in the same district. While this idiot was posting this garbage publicly, Kent Security's lawyer was claiming that Kent Security does not practice discriminatory behavior. During the time that this operations manager was unleashing his hate on Facebook, minorities were aware of it but were afraid to report it for fear of retaliation.

The world will know exactly what has been going on at Kent Security of Naples. 

Please spread this post to everyone you know. Let's hold companies accountable for hiring the right people as managers and properly supervising them.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Video of New Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

I made a video with the complaint regarding the new pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, which I posted on my Wordpress blog but felt I should put it here as well for amusement. As I said before, any man who repeatedly gets sued by pregnant women automatically loses his man card -- there's no debate, no ifs, ands, or buts. If you have a track record of getting sued by pregnant women, all women should know about it, and they should openly talk about it. When they walk by you, it should be on their minds.

Here is the video.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Message to Lawyer Thomas Groendyke

I just got the FOIA request from the Labor Board and read your inane statement on behalf of Kent Security dated August 2015. You made comments about me that were outright false, and you jumped to conclusions without ever having met me (like some of those you defended). I don't mind criticism, but I take issue with your assertion that I lack good "instinct." I want to clarify something about that.

What does it say about a supposedly seasoned lawyer being forced into a settlement with a pro se complainant lacking good "instinct?" What does it say about you, supposedly a seasoned lawyer, leaving the other side wide open for further legal action?

What does it say about a pro se complainant that has forced the opposition, months later, to draft 20 pages of gibberish to avoid a trial with a federal agency? Possibly the first of a sequence, assuming the Labor Board is not overruled with the motion to dismiss by the lawyer who replaced you.

It says, using your own premises, that you are a joke.

The lawyers I have spoken to have gotten laughs out of your failure to stop a pro se plaintiff, who you claim to lack instinct. How often does that happen in the legal profession? Consider yourself in that category. Honestly, if I ever saw you in a courtroom, I might actually burst out in laughter.

If I were the CEO or owner of Kent Security -- irrespective of merits now -- and I hired a lawyer who couldn't take down a pro se "road supervisor," I'd fire him before he could blink. Literally, I'd tell him to get out of my face and my building. But that's just me. Maybe Kent Security is more kind to you.

But hey, maybe I don't have the instinct that you have.

Update: Kent Security's motion has been denied by the Labor Board.

Kent Security's class-action waiver is unlawful.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Man Dies in Jail After Being Pepper Sprayed

In a case that has been circulating online, an African-American man, Michael Sabbie, died in a jail after being pepper sprayed and denied proper medical treatment. In the video below, he can be heard repeating "I can't breathe." What's notable about this case is that his death has been ruled to be due to "natural causes," despite the fact that the video shows he was brutalized and denied medical treatment. His obesity likely contributed to his death, but that still does not justify the use of force and the denial of emergency aid given the very clear signs of a medical emergency.

This case also highlights the tendency of authorities to check "death by natural causes" on a piece of paper -- it's the easy route, and surely limits liability for those involved. It also highlights that the effects of pepper spray are far from being fully understood, even by the scientific community. This weapon needs to be thoroughly studied if it is going to be applied by law enforcement and prison staff on a regular basis.

Here is a Huffington Post article on this tragedy.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Summons Issued to Gil Neuman of Kent Security

Gil Neuman, the CEO of Kent Security, has been issued a summons for the recent pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against Kent Security of Palm Beach, given that he is the registered agent of the company. I have removed some information even though it is public record. Here is the summons:

I will say, given that I used to live not too far from Mr. Neuman, without trying to be unnecessarily mean and keeping the message straight, that the litigious record of Kent Security seems to be out of proportion to the size of the company, probably of no more than 1,500 employees, as well as his home. I might understand someone getting off on constantly fighting little guys through the courts if he lived on Star Island or had his own island or mansion somewhere, but this guy pretty much lives an upper-middle class life, somewhat simple, and apparently stuck in an office for much of the week, albeit with a high-sounding corporate title. When you strip away the surface, you see it's just not all that, and it would probably be best to try to avoid all of these petty lawsuits. It's unnecessary and, frankly, cowardly -- again, these are pregnant women. Not saying I take their side necessarily, but not everyone as CEO gets sued repeatedly by pregnant women. Granted, the Alexander family is a different story, and perhaps they live a truly upper-class lifestyle, but dude -- you're just a suburban guy boxed into a fairly predictable routine each day. You're not all that, man.

[Clarification: The CEO, by definition, must take ownership of these issues, hence the title.]

Aside from those random thoughts, I think it's important for people to be aware of companies that repeatedly attract these types of lawsuits. It's similar to the Fox News scandal -- if it's a one-off lawsuit, sure, but when they come repeatedly? In the case of Kent Security, it's not about one or two details, or even that stupid Wall of Shame, but rather a pattern of conduct that goes back for years. Socially, it is necessary for this type of behavior to be exposed for public scrutiny. Companies don't have to act like a bunch of angels, but they should try to make some effort to make society better. I think even most ardent capitalists would agree.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Demographics of North Miami

I just found out that North Miami is almost 60 percent Black or African American and only 33 percent White, the majority of whom are Hispanic, according to Wikipedia. Here is a screenshot:

North Miami demographics.
North Miami Demographics

Yet there is not one Black executive on Kent Security's executive page. While this looks bad on the surface, the situation is aggravated by the fact that, behind the scenes, the company is fighting with the National Labor Relations Board to enforce its mandatory arbitration agreement with employees that includes a class-action waiver. Kent Security is arguing that it has a right to basically force employees to give up their right to file a class-action lawsuit, though with an opt-out provision that has drawn skepticism from the agency and many legal experts.

Haitian-American and African-American, and even dark-complexioned Latino, employees of the company should be aware of what's going on under their noses. Personally, I'm curious what Black Americans have to say about this issue. For far too long their voices have been shut out of the national conversation, and we are seeing nationwide protests because they are simply tired of being marginalized. They are sick of it. 

I have a hard time believing that in all of South Florida, with such a large pool of talented racial minorities, Kent Security cannot find one Black man or woman to put on its executive web page. If I were Black -- and I'm not, obviously -- I'd be pissed about the class-action waiver. Heck, all employees should be pissed about it, because there has been a string of major decisions across the country against employers who use them, even though some courts have ruled that they are enforceable -- a sea change could be occurring. 

So, back to the question: why is a company, basically in the hood, without even one Black executive on its website?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rage Against the Machine - Testify

Here is a music video by Rage Against the Machine that is appropriate for this time, since we are heading into the presidential election of 2016. While I grew up listening to them, I failed to appreciate the significance of their lyrics at the time. I saw them as extreme left performers trying to capitalize on a niche market of disaffected youth, but the truth is that people who achieve fame and fortune can still come to the right conclusions, and, even if they do not genuinely believe what they say, they can nevertheless have a positive social impact by disseminating symbols contrary to mainstream culture and making some people think.

Personally, I'm of the view that modern hard rock generally is fake rebellion, where privileged suburban executives can dress up in punk rock clothing and pretend they are anti-corporate. It's a fashion show that has become self-degrading and comical in its pseudo display of aggression. It's WWE for grown-ups with a complex. Rock music has become less an art than a way for a generation of softened youth to pretend they are hard. Nirvana was a breath of fresh air from this garbage.

In light of the scandals of today, in both the corporate and political world, Rage's music is as relevant as ever. You have Wells Fargo opening bank accounts in people's names without their permission, and, similar to Kent Security, attempting to enforce mandatory arbitration proceedings with class-action waivers. You have footage of the Iran-Contra scandal, and sure enough the War on Drugs continues to destroy an entire generation of youths due to permanently staining their records and promoting a dubious class of snitches. You have the corporations buying off politicians, and thus becoming the de facto government, leading potentially into a new derivatives supernova that will be orders of magnitude greater than the 2008 financial crisis. You have horrid conditions in factory farms, where animals live in constant torture, even affecting the quality of food, all for the sake of production goals. You also have wars over depleting resources that continue and will possibly intensify in the coming decades. There are serious issues taking place, though people are distracted by the inane behavior of Brad Pitt.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Seventh and Ninth Circuits Strike Down Class-Action Waivers

After reading the Labor Board's opposition to Kent Security's recent motion, it got me to review legal decisions regarding class-action waivers, and sure enough there has been pushback from some key circuits regarding these waivers: the Ninth and Seventh Circuits have ruled that they are illegal, directly conflicting with other circuits that have ruled that they are legal. Currently, Kent Security is caught in the middle of this national debate, and if I may say so I am happy that the Labor Board has decided they are the poster child for bad employers using these provisions for other than noble means. It looks like the Supreme Court will have to decide on the issue, and, supposing they affirm the legality of these waivers, expect the other two branches to work feverishly in the coming years to introduce legislation in opposition. Bottom line: Kent Security is stuck in the mud.

I might also add that I was instrumental in bringing the Labor Board's attention to this company, assisted by a low-IQ former district manager and the biology major who currently oversees former law enforcement, as well as the beta male CEO who, rather than face problems head-on, prefers to passive-aggressively pay a lawyer ten or twenty grand to fix the problem by shuffling paperwork filled with citations. The CEO would rather plunk down tens of thousands of dollars than address a simple problem from employees -- you can tell he's in his spot by family connections.

This is a company that has repeatedly been sued by pregnant former employees (another sign of beta males abounding), is currently being sued for allegedly blinding someone with mace or pepper spray, thinks that decorating the workplace with wooden paddles is a "weird joke," has been sanctioned by a court, has been sued by a cultural landmark in Ft. Lauderdale, has been sued by two lawyers who previously represented them (and we'll deal with this topic in a future post), has no African Americans, Haitians, or Latinos on its executive web page despite being headquartered in North Miami, posts fake reviews on Google to try to make the company look good, has been accused of wage theft in Miami, had a whistleblower lawsuit also in Miami, was investigated by an ethics commission in Miami over concerns about solicitation for business, and I'm sure there's a lot more.

So, this is a poster child for bad employers using these waivers for questionable reasons. I'm very, very pleased, to say the least, that they are now publicly in the fight over this issue, because no company can make these waivers look as bad as they are as Kent Security, by showing the public just what motivates companies to use them.

But there's a lot more to this story than the class-action waiver -- this is a story of a company repeatedly refusing to admit any mistakes, and as a result seeing a problem fester more and more and more, to the point that there is a rotting open sore that all of South Florida is able to smell by now. We can see that the Labor Board has gotten a good whiff of this. This is like the sitcom Married with Children on crack.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We've Reached 10,000 Twitter Followers

So, we've reached 10,000 Twitter followers. As shows, these are authentic followers, not the bots offered from some special package in an SEO forum.

Our success on Twitter has been such that we won't even bother adding other people first -- we are now influential and people can opt to follow us, though we tend to follow back as a courtesy and to build loyalty.

In the meantime, we will continue to build our media and may begin broadcasting about labor issues on YouTube. This is like a snowball that just keeps on growing, and we think we can compete with major media out there.

Only time will tell where this is going, but it's obviously going somewhere big.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Breakdown of Kent Security's Motion

We've been covering Kent Security's recent Labor Board case and the company's support of class-action waivers on this blog, and have pointed out that, though there is legal precedent in support of them, increasingly they are being viewed with skepticism by the public and media, and the federal government is stepping in, despite court cases and even Supreme Court decisions in favor of them. Personally, I happen to think they are used to hide or continue misconduct, but what I think is neither here nor there.

What Kent Security is facing right now is an agency that, true to its mandate, is resisting bad court decisions to defend the rights of workers. While some might argue that the Labor Board is stepping out of its proper bounds, I strongly disagree, as the Founding Fathers knew that any of the three branches could turn rogue, hence the checks and balances within our government. This is why I welcome President Obama's executive order that discourages these types of provisions. Also, any of the three branches in theory can make mistakes and change their decisions on issues. The bottom line is that nothing is set in stone for eternity when it comes to law, except the inalienable rights of the citizenry.

What I would like to do is bring these issues into proper context for the employees and future employees of Kent Security. As I pointed out, Kent Security's upper-executive staff, as shown on the company's website (which I have taken a screenshot of and sent to the Labor Board), is all-White (and we will be covering this some more in future posts) in a city that is extremely diverse racially and ethnically, and in an industry that also is very diverse. Given this fact, it should be no surprise that Kent Security is fighting, behind the scenes -- though I have put it out public -- to keep its low-wage minority employees from filing a class-action lawsuit against the company. Yes, in theory the EEOC could file a class-action lawsuit against the company, despite the waiver, though this probability is low (however, Kent Security may be at greater risk now that this information is being made public).

Amusingly, despite the lack of racial minorities at the highest level of the company, as shown on the company's own website, Kent Security has basically hired a minority -- going by the name -- to represent them in a labor charge to dismiss the complaint regarding their class-action waiver. Here is the evidence:

Kent Security supports class-action waiver.

Presumably this attorney for Bluerock Legal thinks he's witty, given that he has a law degree, after all. He likely makes well above the average person in Miami. He argues, using semantics and specious reasoning, that there is no "substantive right" to a class or collective action. All of this sounds good on paper, and no doubt there would be thunderous applause from other attorneys who make a similar income to him, but at the end of the day this lawyer is simply doing the bidding of his corporate paymasters, as is the case with his law partner, and in so doing he's actively repressing the basic rights of minority employees who have absolutely no say in these affairs, contrary to the theory, arguments, pretensions, etc. This is a company headquartered in North Miami, surrounded by a very large Haitian community, and I see not a single Haitian on the company's executive page -- not even a Latino, but that's another topic.

Similarly, Kent Security hired a female attorney in the case against Ms. Greenfield, though that didn't end too well -- the company ended up getting sued by this attorney, and was hit with a court sanction. I wouldn't be surprised if the company hires another female for its new pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. We'll see.